A Digital Overhaul of Transport
by Samsung

A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung

The boom of public transportation

In many places around the world, driving is becoming more of an option than a necessity. European and Asian cities certainly have robust urban transit systems that continue to set the standard, but other counties—like the United States with its long love affair with the open road—are showing signs of that trend slowing. The U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund released a study in 2014 detailing transportation use amongst millennials. They found that the average number of miles driven by 16 to 34 year olds dropped by 23% between 2001 and 2009. Meanwhile, driver’s licensing is steadily decreasing and public transportation use is on the rise. It’s not just a matter of economics, though the global recession certainly played a role. The study found that it’s a matter of lifestyle choices—young people want to drive less. Thanks to these shifts in the U.S. and existing low rates of driving around the world, public transportation is on the verge of a boom.

Digital innovations are helping to ease this process. One paper presented at the 2010 International Transport Forum listed Information Technology as a source of better ticketing and reservations, digital communications, and thus revenue maximization. Governments worldwide are recognizing the benefits of digital solutions for rail transport. In January 2015, the UK government announced a £6 million investment in a business competition for “digital technologies that improve the customer experience in UK and international rail markets”.

A fiercely competitive airline industry

It’s not just public transit that is seeing growth and digital innovation; air traffic has also reported an increase. According to data from the International Civil Aviation Organization (an agency run by the UN), airlines have seen steady passenger load growth over the past year. World passenger traffic grew by 6% between November 2013 and November 2014 and is projected to increase thanks to “the strength of global economic activities”. Nonetheless, it’s a fierce battle amongst airlines to differentiate themselves and win customer loyalty. According to Tailwinds, PwC’s annual flight industry report, competition is stiffer than ever. With a growing number of low-cost carriers gaining global market share, airlines must innovate to improve the customer experience.

On-time customers are happy customers

A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung Meanwhile, as growing numbers of passengers congregate in transportation hubs, it will become even more crucial to ensure the smooth and streamlined movement of people to their appropriate destinations. Not only is this a matter of safety and efficiency, customers who catch their trains or flights on time are happier customers.

In cooperation with industry partners, Samsung provides various digital solutions to help transform the transportation industry for the better. We’re constantly developing ways to make operations smoother and make customers happier with digital tools that leverage Samsung’s leading technologies.

1. Ensure smooth operations for enhanced productivity

Transportation employees deal with a large volume of passengers on a daily basis. Protocol and safety are top priorities, but this often comes hand in hand with vast amounts of paperwork. Samsung streamlines this process with a variety of digital solutions, starting in the cockpit. With the Class 2 Electronic Flight Bag-certified Samsung GALAXY Tab S 8.4 and Samsung GALAXY Tab S 10.5, pilots can efficiently access paperwork, flight manuals, checklists and other documents using only one tool. They can also access Comply365’s full suite of mobile cloud-based solutions with a simple tap on the screen. Employees in every department can instantly communicate and exchange documents and electronic forms in one central place. The GALAXY Tab S tablets also allow for easy multitasking with the multi-windows feature, so you can compare documents side by side or simply get two things done at once. Cumbersome paperwork is now a thing of the past.

Moving on to the cabin, Samsung has partnered with GuestLogix to offer an ergonomic, all-in-one mobile point of sales (mPOS) system that is capable of barcode scanning, receipt/ticket verification, and secure payment transactions. Designed especially for Samsung mobile devices, this lightweight sled can be used with one hand, enabling employees to move easily and more efficiently around the cabin for better customer service on the go. The GuestLogix mPOS system can be used on airplanes and other modes of transportation as well. “Employees [need] important information delivered in as little time as possible.”

A Digital Overhaul of Transport by SamsungMuch like employees who work in airplane cabins, rail transport employees must interact with passengers to provide both flawless customer service and ensure smooth and safe travel. With this in mind, Samsung partnered with DB Systels to offer an innovative platform solution — Rail-in-Motion — that streamlines work information and increases productivity.

Using the lightweight Samsung GALAXY Tab S 10.1 or GALAXY NotePro 12, employees can electronically validate tickets, obtain information, and deploy staff and resources. The objective is to ensure that employees have access to important information delivered in as little time as possible, saving employees valuable time while ensuring efficiency and safety.

See how Deutsche-Bahn is using Samsung solutions to improve their operations.

Die Deutsche Bahn setzt auf Samsung(Deutsche Bahn Counts on Samsung) Die Deutsche Bahn setzt auf Samsung
(Deutsche Bahn Counts on Samsung)

2. Streamline the movement of passengers to improve safety and satisfaction

A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung With the vast, complex systems involved in routing passengers to the right terminals, large transportation hubs like airports and train stations can be confusing—even overwhelming—places to navigate. An essential part of any systems solution in these complicated hubs is the right signage. Samsung takes signage to the next level with superior picture quality and reliable technology; take, for example, the Samsung DH55D Smart Signage Solution, which offers 700-nit brightness for readability even in brightly lit areas. In a busy, non-stop airport setting, this 24/7 professional grade signage solution provides real-time flight information with crisp, sharp text and images in any light setting, any time of day. Their superior readability is perfect for the 24-hour transportation hub—and for any bleary-eyed passengers making long-haul transfers. “Passengers can get timely, accurate information.”

A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung Samsung also offers outdoor signage with the Samsung OM55D Smart Signage solution. For train platforms that are often located in outdoor or partially covered areas, this display is resistant to harsh weather conditions, whether in rain, snow, wind or sun. With 2500-nit brightness, it also provides fantastic readability in low light and direct sunlight. The clear and easily readable screen also ensures that passengers can get timely, accurate information from a variety of angles without having to jostle their way through a crowd. Broadcasting timely data means that more passengers can get the newest information, guaranteeing better movement through transportation hubs and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction. After all, no one likes to miss a train.

3. Enhance the customer experience and improve brand image

Long haul trips in confined spaces can be negative experiences for customers. Fortunately, airlines have come a long way in improving the travel experience with various amenities, from snacks to slippers. One of the most important amenities has been the in-flight entertainment experience. For digitally savvy customers who are used to large screens and constant connectivity however, outdated entertainment systems can be unimpressive at best, and inconvenient at worst. Airlines can upgrade their entertainment systems with BAE Systems’ in-flight entertainment partner solution on a mounted Samsung GALAXY Tab Active for a rugged, professional option, or the GALAXY Tab S 10.5 for optimized viewing on a Super AMOLED display. A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung A Digital Overhaul of Transport by Samsung Combined with BAE Systems numerous entertainment options, the Samsung in-flight entertainment system solution upgrades the customer experience to a premium, luxurious level, made possible by the superior viewing quality and intuitive controls of Samsung devices. Passengers will leave the aircraft with a positive impression of their experience and your brand.

Moving people and brands with digital innovation

The 21st century will see vast changes in the movement of people across the globe. While we can’t predict all of these changes, one thing we can be certain of is that businesses must innovate to stay relevant. The shifts toward rail transit and the growth in air transportation are exciting areas of development and Samsung is proud to be a partner in fostering digital innovation in these areas. Whether it’s improving efficiency for employees, or enhancing the customer experience, Samsung is right there with you, every step along the way.

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