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A Digital Revolution in Classrooms

Now, more than ever before, digital innovation in education is a primary objective for schools and organizations around the world. Educators are now acknowledging digital literacy as a common standard alongside more traditional measures of competency and growth. The world outside of schools is becoming increasingly connected, and K-12 classrooms are likewise evolving from isolated learning environments into global collaborative learning centers. “K-12 classrooms are evolving from isolated learning environments into global collaborative learning centers.” Coinciding with this digital revolution in classrooms is a pedagogical philosophy that has been gaining ground in recent years: student-centered learning. In a nutshell, student-centered learning asks teachers to step off the stage, spend more time listening to students, and act as guides to the learning process rather than dictionary-like sources of knowledge. While the concept is by no means new, hand-in-hand with new technologies, student-centered learning is revolutionizing education.

Education Solutions Consider, for example, the Flipped Classroom: rather than have students spend their hours at school listening to lectures (low-engagement) and doing practice exercises (high-engagement) at home, the Flipped Classroom instead employs digital devices for students to watch and read course materials at home, and engages the student in practice exercises at school under the guidance of the teacher and in the company of peers.

In addition to the Flipped Classroom, other hot topics in education technology include Blended Learning (simply, the combination of online and in-school learning) and Asynchronous Learning
(which eliminates time and location barriers). Even social media, once considered a frivolous pastime, is now being recognized as a useful way for students to connect and promote proactive discussions.
All of these methods of the digital learning era, amongst others, are changing the ways we teach, learn, and run schools.

Why Adopt Digital Technology in the Classroom?

We’re more digital, more mobile and more connected than ever before, and that trend is not showing any signs of slowing. How can we prepare students to be citizens of tomorrow? How can we prepare them not just for the technologies of today, but also for the innovations of the future? At a time when governments, school administrators, educators and parents are all pushing for more digitally-driven education, Samsung has a variety of solutions that are effective, easy to implement and can truly engage student learning. “Our goal is to empower educators as they seek to transform their classrooms.”

1. Make learning manageable, collaborative and engaging

Samsung School is a total digital education solution that integrates the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablet with interactive software. This innovative solution helps teachers engage their students and provides educational system management at heightened levels of efficiency. Education Solutions Samsung School integrates with a variety of hardware in the classroom, including e-boards, projectors, LCDs, printers, and more. Each student (and teacher) is equipped with a tablet or PC, which can be mirrored to display devices through Samsung-owned Allshare technology. Samsung School makes learning:

  1. Manageable

    Teachers can track individual student progress, set parameters for tablet usage, and control student devices when necessary. Student screens will show up as expandable thumbnails on the teacher’s device, allowing him or her to check in on student progress and offer help exactly when and how each student needs it. Samsung School also provides easy course administration and content management, allowing teachers to save time on the paperwork and dedicate more time to teaching.

  2. Manageable,Collaborative,Engaging,Student-centric Learning

    Samsung School makes small group work more collaborative than ever. Features like Separable Canvas and Group Report allow students to easily divide tasks between group members, then bring everything back together into one cohesive project. Group Discussion lets up to six participants simultaneously write on a shared document from their own tablets.

    Manageable,Collaborative,Engaging,Student-centric Learning
  3. Engaging

    No longer are individual student voices being lost in the crowd. With tablets in every student’s hands, learning material is front and center, and each student can contribute his or her thoughts to the conversation. Teachers can easily create real-time quizzes and polls for the classroom to check for understanding and help students monitor their own learning. And with tools like the S Pen, interactivity is easy and intuitive.

To learn more about Samsung School, click here.

2. Take interactivity to new levels for dynamic learning

For innovations in the lecture hall and classroom, the Samsung Interactive White Board Solution (MagicIWB) is transforming traditional classroom presentations into a dynamic educational experience. From a hardware perspective, the MagicIWB is a high-performer: it delivers higher readability with greater brightness and Full High Definition Quality, reducing glare and viewer fatigue. For larger classes, the size of the boards can be multiplied quickly with the multiscreen feature of Magic IWB, expanding across multiple displays. Instructors can easily highlight material on-screen with dynamic touchscreen interactivity, using either the touch of a finger or a Touch Pen. Presenters can also manipulate on-screen information quickly with two-hand gestures to move through presentation pages or shift windows. Education Solutions Student interaction with course material can also be enhanced on the MagicIWB. Magic IMS (Interactive Management Solution) software enables file sharing between audience devices and between e-Boards, even if the devices are in separate locations. Students can also quickly insert comments into presentations and post them. Not only that, class notes can be shared on personal devices.

3. Enhance education with a streamlined and highly usable workflow solution

It is integral for educators and pupils to easily handle, manage and monitor printing devices and documents to improve their productivity and flexibility. Ranging from mobile devices through printers, Samsung Cloud Print (SCP) Service is an intuitive end-to-end document workflow solution that does just that. With the SCP App—which provides powerful document scanning and printing capabilities—teachers can access high quality printing and convenient scanning through Near Field Communication (NFC) on compatible devices, such as the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 tablet. Furthermore, educators and students can automatically register others for sharing a document to print, simply by using the phone numbers saved on their smartphones. They can scan, capture or select documents from input devices including cameras, smartphones, tablets and multifunction printers (MFPs).

4. Support a completely mobile learning environment with efficiency and security

An efficient and secure network is fundamental in order to successfully create a safe digital classroom environment. Providing equal airtime, ease of control and operation, and trusted security for the classroom, Samsung’s School Network WLAN solution offers strong support for seamless wireless communication between teachers and students, anytime and anywhere. With powerful Wi-Fi connections and Access Points (APs), teachers can deliver an efficient, interactive and dynamic learning experience. Students and educators can also wirelessly stream images, videos, music, educational games and more to enhance learning by using the Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle. Based on leading Samsung technological expertise in mobile smartphones and tablets, the Samsung WLAN solution is optimized to create a completely mobile education environment.

5. Guarantee a durable and reliable digital education environment

Meeting the everyday demands and security needs of the modern digital education environment is one of the challenges that educators face. With the reliability and mobility of the Samsung GALAXY Tab® Active—a durable tablet device that helps students and teachers engage in rich mobile education—this becomes less of a challenge. The tablet supports continuous learning with a protective case, water and dust resistance, a vivid, 8-in. LCD screen and long battery life.

Another Samsung device, the Ergotron Charging Cart, ensures that students’ and teachers’ devices are always ready for learning throughout the school day. It includes a mobile charging dock so that students and teachers remain up and running, and ready for the next assignment. In other words, it keeps devices organized, charged and ready to go, so power is never an issue and all students can access class activities on their devices.

Our Goal

Samsung education solutions promote dynamic, student-centric learning. Our goal is not only to enhance learning and prepare students for tomorrow, but also to empower educators as they seek to transform their classrooms and field of education itself.

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