Equip Hospitals for the Future
with Samsung

Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung

Trends and shifting markets in healthcare

The nature of healthcare in the developed world is going through vast changes. Patient needs are changing as people live longer lives and require additional services. This, along with increasingly urbanized, sedentary lifestyles, has raised the incidence of chronic illness and created the need for both long-term and preventative healthcare.

Patient expectations are also changing. They require more personalized services and expect better quality care. At the same time, they are also spending more on healthcare overall. This increase in expectations and the willingness to spend more are directly attributing to the growth of the healthcare industry worldwide. Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung And yet, as demand for healthcare is rising, organizations are still lacking the ability to keep up. Countries around the world, both developed and developing, are facing shortages of qualified medical personnel. According to the Deloitte 2015 Global Health Care Outlook, over the next several years, the global population (and thus demand for healthcare) will continue to steadily rise, while the number of doctors will remain virtually unchanged. It’s not just physicians that are needed: hospitals are feeling “the human resource crunch at all levels of the healthcare value chain”.

With medical services running on tightened human resources, hospitals must find ways to increase operational efficiency in order to give medical professionals more time to effectively treat patients. More importantly, according to an often-cited study from Kc and Terwiesch (Emory University and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) shows that overwork in hospitals directly impacts mortality rates: An increase in overwork by 10% corresponds with an increase in mortality rates by 2%.

Against this backdrop of scarcity and high-need, digital solutions hold a great deal of promise. Hospital operations must run like all other businesses, with the same attention to streamlined processes and efficiency. Samsung offers a variety of solutions to help with just that.

1. Give medical professionals the right gear for the right setting

Growing numbers of hospitals provide or are planning to provide mobile devices to care givers to streamline their work process, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy. But it’s not as simple as tossing some phones into the system. The devices and their accessories must be compatible for the environment in which they are being used. The ruggedized GALAXY Tab Active is ready for the wear and tear of a busy, and often intense, hospital environment. It has IP67 dust and water resistance certification, anti-shock/drop protection, and a large-capacity, user-replaceable battery. This device is ready to keep up with you. Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung Naturally, in a healthcare environment, hygiene is incredibly important for the safety of both patients and staff. For this, Samsung offers the Silver Seal™ Antimicrobial Sleeve, which is made with an antimicrobial agent to prevent infection. Made just for the GALAXY Tab Active, you can simply slip it over your device and use it anywhere in the hospital with confidence. What’s more, despite its heavy-duty capabilities, the sleeve is nearly invisible and easy to remove for cleaning and replacing GALAXY Tab Active batteries. “This device is ready to keep up with you.” Another solution for devices used in hospital settings is the Ergotron Charging Cart, a universal tablet management cart that can accommodate up to 36 tablets. Customized just for the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active, this space-saving, lightweight and easily maneuverable cart charges and syncs your mobile devices while using only one wall power socket. Charging is hassle-free and cable-free thanks to POGO pin support, and locking steel doors help keep devices safe and secure. Not only will your devices be safe, you’ll be able to use them whenever you need them, and avoid the delay of dead batteries.

2. Provide quality care to remote and non-ambulatory patients

With growing numbers of patients requiring care outside of the hospital (whether they suffer from chronic illness, live in rural areas, or are non-ambulatory), it’s increasingly important to find cost-effective solutions to reach them. Samsung has equipped the GALAXY Tab S 10.5 with the VidyoWorks™ platform to address this need. VidyoWorks™ delivers video-enabled healthcare services that bring physicians and patients closer together. Not only is this solution cost-saving, patients with less access to hospitals can now have quality remote healthcare that was not attainable before. “A 2014 Deloitte study estimated that 100 million eVisits would take place globally that year, potentially saving over $5 billion in costs when compared to the cost of face-to-face doctor visits.” This solution connects physicians with patients for everything from routine checkups and home health services to stroke assessments and surgical consults. Combined with the GALAXY Tab S 10.5’s vivid picture quality, physicians can read even subtle facial expressions and gestures during HD video consults. Consultations can also be encrypted, recorded, and archived for later access, and can be displayed on a smart TV for larger viewing just by simply connecting the mobile device with the TV. Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung Equip Hospitals for the Future with Samsung By working together, Samsung and VidyoWorks™ are helping hospitals expedite patient care with real-time collaboration and interaction with specialists and patients, all of which can be done with secure, one-click access to video-conferencing.

3. Streamline business operations securely and efficiently

Despite having sophisticated hospital information systems and electronic medical records, hospitals are yet to be paperless environments. Printed materials and paper forms continue to be part of a hospital's daily routine, and managing them securely and cost-effectively is a huge challenge. That's where Samsung’s printing solutions come in, including Managed Print Services (MPS), Business Process Management (BPM), and pull printing.

Treat Modern Diseases with Digital SolutionsIn order to make document process management for healthcare organizations easier, Samsung has partnered with printing software solutions provider Genius Bytes. Genius Bytes offers a Business Process Management (BPM) software solution, which effectively automates scanning, tagging, storing and archiving processes. By doing so, this BPM engine saves time and manpower while reducing human error. Genius Bytes also offers a Managed Print Services (MPS) software solution that streamlines print processes and manages printer fleets. This helps to keep printing costs in check while optimizing fleet management.

In order to help hospitals manage documents securely and cost effectively, Samsung also offers a serverless pull printing solution which allows you to send a file to the queue from any PC or mobile device, then print it securely from any printer that’s nearest to you. With the Samsung C9352NA printer, secure release RFID card authentication ensures that printed documents will arrive safely in the intended hands. This eliminates the need to invest in an additional server, saving on printing costs. Read more about it here.

Leading the way to better health

Healthcare organizations are cornerstones of the community and, as such, have huge responsibilities to uphold—from providing quality services to ensuring the security of patient information. At the same time, as businesses and organizations, they must also face the realities of changing markets and consider time and cost efficiencies. At times, these can feel like competing needs, but we at Samsung don’t think they have to be. We’re excited to be working with organizations on the front lines of healthcare, bringing them the best in digital innovations and helping them lead the way to better health.

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