Food & Dining Goes Seamless
with Samsung

Food & Dining Goes Seamless with Samsung

Market trends in food and dining point to technology as the answer

The food and dining retail industry is a formidable one, with no signs of slowing. In the U.S. alone, the industry is predicted to reach a record $709.2 billion in sales this year, making it the sixth consecutive year of growth, according to the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast. This positive outlook doesn’t come without its concerns, of course: Restaurateurs must strive to keep up with the trends in a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving market. This starts with knowing your customers. Today’s consumer is tech-savvy and immersed in entertaining, content-rich environments, so businesses have to work even harder to communicate with them and have their messages be heard. Food & Dining Goes Seamless with Samsung Source: National Restaurant Association 2014 It’s not just about your message—it’s also about convenience. According to the same industry forecast report quoted above, consumers are increasingly interested in digital innovations for their dining experience. “Restaurateurs must strive to keep up with the trends in a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving market.” With the growing need from both businesses and consumers for time saving, convenient solutions, mobile payments are on the rise. Amongst Forbes’ top six predictions for restaurant trends in 2015 was the growth of mobile payments, emulating the success of brands like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. And mobile can be so much more: “The big winners will be the brands that are able to utilize mobile engagement strategies beyond just providing ways to pay with a mobile device.” Businesses must think about ways to use mobile innovations behind the scenes, with their own staff as well.

Samsung offers an array of digital solutions for the food and dining industry, tailored to your needs. It’s important for us to be on the leading edge and help your business push forward, evolve, and achieve success.

1. Get your message across with customizable displays

Food & Dining Goes Seamless with SamsungConsumers are getting more messages than ever, and in this crowded space it’s difficult to stand out. With Samsung’s visual innovations, you can drive brand loyalty and differentiate yourself from competitors. Take, for example, the Digital Menu Board solution. The vivid imagery on the Samsung DM48D displays can bring the crunch of fresh vegetables or the sizzle of a hot steak to life, right in front of the customers’ eyes, capturing their attention and increasing intention to buy.

Ruby’s Diner Ruby’s Diner

One restaurant saw a 40–50% increase in sales of items they featured on their Samsung Digital Menu Board. Watch Ruby’s Diner’s story of success here.

Shinto Restaurant Shinto Restaurant

Lastly, with the MagicInfo S DataLink, businesses can provide real-time streaming for timely updates, like special announcements or offers for customers. These solutions are perfect for upscale dining as well, with customers who are using the latest technologies and appreciate sleek and modern designs. Shinto Restaurant in Italy incorporated Samsung displays and MagicInfo S DataLink with fantastic results:

2. Boost sales with flexible, seamless mobile payments

Mobile payments are all the rage, and with good reason. Customers want it, businesses appreciate the increased efficiency, and staff members appreciate the smooth and easy operation. The VeriFone mobile point of sales (mPOS) solution is a simple way for customers to pay without disrupting their experience, either inside or outside the restaurant. This solution consists of a payment sled which contains the Verifone device and a GALAXY Tab Active, is easy to carry, and flexible for all customer needs: It accepts all payment types, and include a barcode scanner for quick purchases on the spot. You can take customer orders from anywhere, fitting in perfectly with the convenience that mobile-using customers are used to. Food & Dining Goes Seamless with Samsung For a more customer-initiated solution, PowaTag is an app that customers can download to their Samsung mobile devices, upload their payment information ahead of time, and then activate on-site with product-specific targets (QR codes or audio tracks) to purchase immediately. PowaTag also uses proximity beacons to send push notifications with coupons and deals to your customers—perhaps offering them a happy hour special or a free cup of coffee at just the right moment. The PowaTag solution combines the instant gratification of in-store purchasing with the seamless ease of online payments, boosting your sales. “A payment solution where you need it, when you need it.” An alternative mobile solution is the Armor Active Tablet Kiosk—this portable device also houses a Samsung GALAXY Tablet, but offers a flexible, pivoting and tilting chassis for easy movement between staff and customers. It also comes with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, so you can easily place this payment solution where you need it, when you need it.

3. Enhance the payment process

Food & Dining Goes Seamless with SamsungBarcode scanning gets an upgrade with the Infinite Peripherals barcode scanner Infinea X. Unlike the typical, bulky barcode scanner of yesterday, the Infinea X fits around the Samsung GALAXY S5 Active like a glove, making it easy to scan and take orders. It can also be used for scanning inventory—it’s rugged enough for the warehouse, and sleek enough for front of store.

For a larger barcode scanning solution featuring a bigger screen, Samsung has partnered with Koamtac to produce the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active Sled. With the Koamtac Barcode Sled, employees can scan 1D and 2D barcodes. When connected to a mobile device via Bluetooth, this can provide a convenient and secure mobile payment option. Depending on the systems you have in place, Samsung has a variety of mobile payment solutions that can work for your business.

4. Increase operational efficiency

Food & Dining Goes Seamless with SamsungEfficiency on the customer-facing side isn’t the only important benefit of digital upgrades to the food and dining industry. Digital innovations can also improve staff efficiency as well, a crucial benefit, as anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant during peak hours can attest. When the dinnertime rush is at its busiest, shaving seconds and minutes off routine activities can make the employees more productive, safer, and more efficient. “Ultimately, time saved can mean the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer.” The Samsung Hippax Task Watch is a hands-free wearable solution that enables push notifications and task updating for smoother operations. Your employees can get the latest updates and check in with their progress wherever they are, cutting out redundant trips to and from the kitchen and overlapping or missed communications. Ultimately, time saved can mean the difference between a happy customer and an unhappy customer.

You can tie in all your mobile solutions together with a Samsung information technology solution. With the Samsung SDS Mobile Sales Support (MSS) Partner Solution, get a bird’s eye view of your mobile sales operations and manage customer information, inventory, sales and staff from one integrated interface. Read more about Samsung SDS MSS here.

5. The total package

If you’re looking for a more all-encompassing solution, look no further than the POWA mPOS. It has everything you need contained in a space-saving, elegant design: Universal tablet POS, EMV payment terminal, 2D QR/Barcode Scanner, Thermal Printer and Cash Drawer, all powered by a single power cable. You’ll use less space on noisy machinery and unsightly cords—and the presence of a modern, compact sales system itself speaks volumes about your commitment to staying on the cutting edge. Most importantly, your customers will appreciate the variety of payment options that you make available to them, and you will appreciate the improved efficiency and ease of use.Food & Dining Goes Seamless with Samsung

Take your dining experience to the next level

At the heart of the food and dining industry lies a basic need: people love to eat. It’s why you’re in the business, and why the business will continue to be an essential part of the economy. As the world changes and becomes more digital and more connected, the ways that consumers make decisions about where and how to eat will also continue to change—we’re with you every step of the way, here to help you support your changing business and take your dining experience to the next level.

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