Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail Reinvention

Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail Reinvention

The customer journey has changed

With an ever growing online shopping population each year, the moment of truth for retailers has now fundamentally changed: long before customers interact with a brand in-store, they have already checked numerous review sites, read testimonials on social media and compared prices across several platforms. A recent study indicated that 81% of shoppers research online before making in-store purchases. The path to purchase isn’t so much a path as it is a multi-channel foray into a variety of sources. “Digital solutions are helping to recreate the in-store experience in a way that is both captivating and seamless.” Also, with such a variety of points of payment being made available through various smart devices, the role of the brick-and-mortar store has also evolved into both a place for purchases and a place to gather information for later online purchases. Thus, the seamless shopping experience between online and offline is an utmost priority to win over the minds of digitally empowered consumers. This is even more important because, although shoppers have become highly informed consumers, making “smart” purchasing decisions, they are still a brand-loyal generation who can highly appreciate brands that give them a memorable shopping experience. According to an Accenture report on millennial shoppers, who are at the center of digitally empowered generation, this ultra-connected population can, in fact, be very loyal and over 95% said they want brands to court them actively. So, is your company capable of gaining and maintaining the loyalty of these digital-friendly and multi-channel-oriented customers?

Digital solutions for the showroom

Customers still walk through the doors of retail outlets. Despite the ready availability of online retail options, it’s a different matter entirely to pick up an item and feel its texture and weight. The challenge for retailers is providing an interactive and captivating in-store experience to keep customers there, and to keep them coming back. As the lines between online and brick-and-mortar shopping experiences continue to blur, digital solutions are helping recreate the in-store experience in a way that is both captivating and seamless. Customers today shop with their phones in their hands, so it’s more important than ever for brands to provide information about products in their own voice, on-site. Samsung has the solutions to help retailers face all of these challenges and drive the future of retail forward.

1. Deliver your brand message in eye-catching, creative new ways

When customers walk into a store, their first impression should be one with visual impact. Especially for today’s highly visually-oriented customers, delivering your brand message and product information in creative new ways is essential. Samsung visual displays can do just that. Innovative displays like Samsung’s Square Display Video Walls feature ultra-narrow bezels to create a seamless image, and are easily managed from a remote, central location using the New Magic Info Solution. Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail Reinvention Product messages can be presented on striking small signage video walls composed of 22-inch UD22B Smart Signage to capture customer interest, or on premium Samsung DM48D Smart Signage, which delivers brilliant high-picture quality in a slim design. The video walls feature an optional touch overlay for increased customer interaction.

2. Create an interactive environment that captures the minds of customers

Virtually showcasing items can kill two birds with one stone. It saves space and gives shoppers interactive access to true-to-life product imagery and detailed information at the same time. With the Interactive Detailed View solution, this can be made a reality or better. It allows you to replace the actual product with a realistic life-size image, which is especially useful when you lack the space to properly showcase the physical item. Shoppers can use Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 tablets to project product images and information onto stunning full-HD 75-inch displays for detailed interactive viewing that includes 360-degree rotation and the ability to zoom in and out. With texture, color, and product design displayed in intricate detail and pristine clarity, shoppers will feel as though they are holding the product in their hand. Samsung DM75D Smart Signage is a solution that truly brings a distinctive personal touch that shoppers will appreciate and value.

For even more visual impact, Samsung offers Ultra High-Definition Displays. The 105-inch Samsung QM105D has four times the detail of an FHD picture for a breathtaking in-store experience. QM105D Smart Signage delivers immersive, impactful images in ultimate picture quality that is sure to enthrall passersby and drive product interest.

3. Leverage technology in creative ways to enhance the customer experience

Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail Reinvention What’s better than a mirror? A mirror that shows you what you can’t see. The Mirror Solution is an innovative product that allows shoppers to see all angles of themselves when trying on clothes: As the customer poses in front of 55-inch DM55D Smart Signage, the digital mirror records the customer’s various angles and plays them back. No more craning heads at awkward angles in dressing rooms. This solution is not only practical—it’s a unique and enchanting experience for shoppers.

Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail ReinventionAnother unique digital retail innovation from Samsung is the Interactive Digital Hanger Solution. Using RFID technology, a chip embedded in the hanger alerts the display above when the hanger is picked up—to the customer’s surprise and delight, the item she or he has just selected will appear on the display above, along with details and other images regarding the item for a fun and interactive way to connect with the customer. “A unique and enchanting experience for shoppers.” With the buzz generated around experiences like these, coming into the physical store becomes a must-do for customers. With product information readily provided on the spot, it keeps them engaged and interested on the premises, more likely to stay and shop and less likely to defect to internet retailers.

Samsung has worked with several major retailers to launch these in-store innovations with success. You can watch their stories below.

KENZO incorporates Samsung Display Solutions KENZO incorporates
Samsung Display Solutions
Samsung brings the future of retail to Sport Chek's flagship store Samsung brings the future of
retail to Sport Chek's flagship store

4. Draw customer attention from the outside

Samsung’s Digital Solutions for Retail ReinventionThe shopping journey begins even before customers enter the store. With so many signs competing for the attention of shoppers, it takes more than a pretty mannequin to grab hold and draw them in. Deluxe displays that deliver maximum impact for engaging your audience and appealing to on-the-go shoppers is a must today. Using a sleek, premium semi-outdoor video wall composed of Samsung OM46DW Smart Signage, fashion retailers can now win the attention of customers from the outside, while conveying an upscale image of luxury and sophistication. OM46DW displays offer ultra-high bright screens so they can be seen clearly under the glare of direct sunlight for high visibility in various environment.

Reinventing retail for the digital era

Customer shopping habits may have changed, but the underlying desire remains constant: A pleasant shopping experience and a satisfying purchase. We believe that by upgrading storefronts to keep up with digital trends, retail brands can continue to offer those values to customers without missing a beat. And, don’t forget: the medium is the message—effectively utilizing variety of high-quality technologies is a signal to customers that your brand is committed in providing ultimate shopping experience for the consumers of the digital age. The age of connected business is an age of opportunity: Samsung can help retailers elevate their brand image, broaden their customer base and increase sales, in step with the latest digital technologies.

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