Streamline Logistics Operations
with Digital Solutions

Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions

New directions for the freight & logistics industry

Companies that rely on commercial motor vehicles for their business model face unique challenges—the vagaries of the market, fuel costs, even the weather, can change your bottom line day to day. With so many moving parts (literally!), it’s a tough business to manage. Companies may recall the austerity measures and numerous mergers and acquisitions during the 2008/2009 recession. However, as John Manners-Bell, Chair of the World Economic Forum Council for Logistics and Supply Chain, recently wrote: “What is clear is that after a turbulent period of transformation, there is no sign that change in the logistics industry is slowing down”.

These days, with the advent of digital innovations for businesses in all industries, logistics companies are starting to take notice. In a December 2014 report about the role of emerging technology for logistics service providers, Accenture identified several key areas of focus, from big data and analytics, to sensor technologies, to cloud services and e-commerce. All of these are vital new fields, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to see the wealth of options available. What is clear is that digital solutions for your business should be easily implemented, be backed up by reliable customer support, and consist of cutting-edge technology. Samsung works with partners to deliver across all three of these qualities in our various solutions. Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions With logistics businesses offering more services as part of the shift towards end-to-end solutions, working from mobile devices gives companies the option to provide mobile point of sale systems, digitally track inventory, and quickly reference checklists and communications.

At the heart of our logistics solutions is the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active. This device is durable, drop-proof, and dust/dirt resistant—it’s ready for all the various situations employees in the logistics industry may find themselves in. The GALAXY Tab Active is also equipped with several useful functions to streamline your supply chain, from multi-window multitasking, to barcode scanning, to digital signatures with the built-in stylus. We’ve designed this device for professionals on the go.

Here’s a short video introduction to the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active being used for logistics.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Active for Logistics Samsung Galaxy Tab Active for Logistics

1. Increase productivity behind the wheel

Employees on the go often spend long hours in transit—but this time spent on the road can often translate to reduced productivity. Samsung has partnered with Gamber-Johnson to offer a solution that optimizes their time. The reliable, commercial-grade Gamber-Johnson vehicle mount partner solution is a durable, shock-resistant cradle that safely and securely holds the ruggedized GALAXY Tab Active, allowing employees to conveniently access a full-featured productivity tool for easy sharing of important, timely information—creating a mobile workplace. Long days spent on the road, at service stations, or in parking lots are no longer dead zones of communication or productivity. The office can move with them. “You’ll stay powered and productive even from inside your vehicle.” A mobile device is only useful so long as its battery lasts. The Gamber-Johnson cradle conveniently powers the GALAXY Tab Active; allowing employees to be productive all day long from inside the vehicle, without worrying about the battery dying. This small mobile solution utilizes Samsung’s POGO pins and eliminates the need for any extra cables to attachments. True mobility is as much about power as it is about the device.

2. Improve efficiency of mobile fieldwork

Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions The beauty of the freight & logistics business is the face-to-face interactions—the premise is, after all, delivering goods and services directly to the places they need to be. This means that getting work done on the go or where your customers are is an integral part of this business. Which is why Samsung has teamed up with Otterbox to provide a solution that can help transportation service providers increase their productivity in a quick and easy way. The Otterbox grip solution extends the benefits of the Samsung GALAXY Tab Active and other Samsung tablets by enabling employees to use the devices with just one hand. The snug hand strap allows 90-degree rotation, making it convenient to view the device from a variety of angles, and the case features a smart custom fit that allows access to all ports and controls. The tempered glass screen protector also ensures that your device can weather the ins-and-outs of being on the go. Additional features like spare battery storage and protection, a C-pen leash, and a break-away safety strap make this solution even more convenient. This is all contained in one integrated accessory to help transportation service providers be more productive out in the field. Digital solutions like these not only enhance workflow, they impress customers.

3. Optimize operations with digital fleet management

Fleet management is turning to digital tools to synchronize, track, and analyze the movement and efficiency of vehicles with the goal of saving time, reducing gas consumption, and simplifying logistics. With the LogiVisi partner solution app LoGiApp, the benefits are two-fold. For drivers and employees on the move, LoGiApp provides real-time updates, timesheets, schedules and registrations, messaging and navigation. Individual devices also have tracking features, should a vehicle ever get stolen or lost. With durable, lightweight Samsung GALAXY Tab Active and Note 4 devices, employees on the go are provided with board computer functionality that allows for more courier flexibility and efficiency. Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions Streamline Logistics Operations with Digital Solutions For employees at HQ, LoGiApp allows for greater transparency and control over the entire fleet from one centralized location. The ability to manage overall fleet operations from a birds-eye-view can enable the head office to achieve maximum operational efficiency as well as a more convenient digital work environment.

Whether you are a small business owner or a major logistics corporation, Samsung and LogiVisi provide a convenient and intuitive system for optimizing operations.

4. Power up from shift to shift

Facility devices are frequently used across several shifts throughout the day, which is why workers on the dock or in the warehouse need reliable, powered devices to keep them connected and operating all day long. As shifts end, facility managers must ensure a seamless handover of devices between employees. With the GALAXY Tab Active’s replaceable battery, users can quickly swap them out with ease. For charging multiple tablets at once, Infinite Peripherals’ multi-tablet charging station allows users to simply drop devices into slots fitted with POGO pin contacts, without the need for extraneous cables. This powerful combination of device and solution will ensure that staff won’t have to worry about batteries going dead and allow them to just focus on having a productive day.

Moving people and brands with digital innovation

The field of logistics is often one that goes unseen by everyday people unfamiliar with the lifelines running day and night to keep cities and communities going. As consumer demands grow and surrounding systems become increasingly digitized, the logistics industry must also look to new digital technologies to keep up with a changing world. Samsung is constantly working to develop new technologies and partner with innovative companies to bring you the very best in digital innovation. Together, we can revolutionize the freight, logistics and fleet management industries.

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