The Next Evolution of Hospitality

The Next Evolution of Hospitality

Meeting the needs of today’s connected travelers

A recent Forbes article on 2015 hospitality industry trends made two major key points: 1) The hospitality industry is large (9% of global GDP) and growing, and 2) customer demands are changing: the Millennial generation—which will be at “its peak earning, spending and travel years” within the next 10 years—is demanding “faster, customized services”. Today’s tech-savvy travelers expect premium experiences from their hotels; in fact, a rising trend is the view that hotels themselves are destinations in their own right, and should have the qualities and amenities to make the traveler’s vacation a complete one. A 2012 study from the Dublin Institute of Technology offers a vision of the ideal: “The modern hotel not only offers a place to sleep, but also provides an escapist experience through its design, sense of spectacle and amenities”. Technology is integral to this experience. The authors go on to write, “Consumers look for and want the leading-edge technology but still want the personal service at a very high level and standard.” The Next Evolution of Hospitality The Next Evolution of Hospitality In other words, it’s not just premium technology that guests want; it’s the convenience and personalization that comes along with technology and digital solutions. According to research gathered in 2013 by Circle Research on behalf of Samsung, 82% of hoteliers believe that the customer experience of the future will be driven by technology and 79% acknowledged that a failure to address customers’ technology needs would result in a competitive disadvantage.

Samsung has a broad offering of digital solutions to help you transform the hospitality experience and move your hotel business into the 21st century. Let’s follow a customer journey through a Samsung-equipped hotel to get a clear picture of how digital technologies can elevate your hotel to the next level.

1. Inform and delight guests with lobby displays

First impressions count. When your guests walk through the lobby doors, the overall experience includes everything from the air they breathe to the carpets or floors beneath their feet.

Seal in an amazing first impression by going even further; delight their visual senses with compelling content on vibrant, color-rich Full HD 55-inch Samsung DM55D Smart Signage equipped with touch functionality that can act as interactive information bulletins. The Next Evolution of Hospitality These displays boast both form and function: a stylish, ultra-slim design that exudes sophistication, and the capability to greet guests with relevant messaging and real-time information such as the weather, exchange rates, or current news. All of this is made possible with the MagicInfo DataLink solution, which allows hotels to effortlessly create and display real-time content with automatic data retrieval from integrated databases. The DM55D also includes an embedded media player, allowing you to stream media without a PC. To top it all off, you can even arrange the displays in a variety of forms—such as a vertical stand or a kiosk—to best suit your lobby. With these beautiful and informative displays in your lobby, travelers are welcomed, engaged and informed from the moment they step inside.

Read here about how Celtic Manor integrated Samsung Smart Signage and MagicInfo Datalink  to create a large video wall for their conference centre, one of the largest in Europe.

2. Streamline the check-in process

The Next Evolution of Hospitality Once your guests have arrived, they will naturally do what all hotel guests do: check in. Registering guests is often a hassle with all the paperwork and forms required for this process. To remedy this, Samsung has collaborated with a trusted partner to offer hotels a document management solution that replaces paperwork with a digital documentation system. With this solution, front desk staff can efficiently register guests with an effortless check-in process, using electronic forms that can be immediately saved, retrieved or printed. This process lowers costs and saves time for staff and guests, who will experience a quick and painless check-in.

3. Redefine in-room entertainment

When it comes to the guestrooms, you want your guests to be able to experience a place where they can have both the creature comforts of home and the awe-inspiring premium amenities that they cannot experience at home. With the Samsung Smart Hotel Solution, you can offer the ultimate in luxurious in-room entertainment and customization.

The Next Evolution of HospitalityWhen the guests first enter the room, the TV monitor automatically turns on to greet them with a vibrant welcome message along with audio effects, room lighting, and blinds being raised to display the view. The lighting and blinds automatically adjust the brightness of the room for an optimal level of comfort.

The Next Evolution of HospitalityA variety of Samsung LED Hospitality Displays work with this solution: the Samsung Full HD LED HC690 boasts exceptional picture quality and a slim bezel for expansive viewing; the HC890W is a Full HD LED display with an ultra-slim profile that creates a premium environment and delivers stunning images thanks to a powerful Dual Core Processor; and the Samsung HC890V has an elegant, curved profile that provides a wider viewing angle and real-life depth, with a metal-lined frame for a luxurious touch.

The Next Evolution of HospitalityThe Samsung Smart Hotel Solution also provides premium content and customization options: guests can access customized hotel, tourism, weather and flight information, as well as channel listings through their TV screen. And with two-way wireless connectivity, guests can view content from their mobile devices on the large displays and vice-versa.

SLS Hotel in Las Vegas SLS Hotel in Las Vegas

See how the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas incorporated Samsung technology to transform their iconic hotel and redefine the guest experience.

Bloc Hotels Bloc Hotels

Samsung solutions can be integrated at a variety of levels. Bloc Hotels have made a few key upgrades with Samsung digital solutions to enhance their guest experience.

4. Provide enhanced professional services for staff and guests alike

Business travelers can be some of the most demanding guests—the kind who would notice missing amenities and inconsistent services. Samsung offers enhanced professional services for these highly connected and discerning guests, who are on deadlines and official business and cannot afford to waste time with out-of-date technology.

The Next Evolution of Hospitality After a good night’s sleep and a pleasant breakfast, it’s down to business. In the business center, guests can use Samsung Cloud Print, an intuitive, end-to-end document workflow solution that connects mobile devices to printers with a simple app. For example, they can use their Samsung GALAXY S6 smartphone to print wirelessly from a high performance Samsung C1860FW color multifunction printer—without having to use a PC. Furthermore, guests can get crisp, clear quality business documents printed quickly and efficiently with minimized wait times.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above for guests (i.e. the intuitive document workflow, mobility, and efficiency of Samsung Cloud Print), staff will also benefit from the space-saving design of the C1860FW printer. This high-performance printer offers a 4-in-1 design with print, copy, scan and fax functions, all in one device. The Samsung Cloud Print solution improves front desk efficiency so that staff can provide stellar personalized services and allow guests to be productive on the go. “Help guests and staff be productive on the go.” Samsung’s WLAN Solution can also help guests be productive on the go. This solution helps in building an integrated wireless network system that is both high-throughput and secure. Samsung WLAN systems optimize channel usage and allow multiple users to use video, voice and text messaging without delays. Staff and guests alike can stay seamlessly connected and highly productive. Read more about Samsung WLAN solutions here.

Redefining the hospitality industry

Today’s travelers are looking for so much more than luxurious decorations and creature comforts. It’s not enough to provide sheets with high thread count in order to maintain high customer service standards. Travelers today expect personalized and convenient services that meet their needs wherever they go. Flawless connectivity and convenient mobile-enabled services are as essential to the new hospitality experience as functioning showers and elevators. Samsung has built successful partnerships in the hospitality industry that demonstrate our commitment to providing the very best in digital solutions, helping you revolutionize your hotels, enhance your brand image, and make your guests happy.

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