Upgrading Financial Services
in a Digital Era

Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era

The need for digital upgrades

Businesses in the financial services industry know how crucial it is to move fast. The difference between a decision that is a millisecond early and a decision that is a millisecond too late can mean the difference of millions of dollars. Precision, timing, and communication are crucial in this industry. The growth of digital technologies is making business even faster and more precise, requiring all players to adopt new digital tools to stay current and competitive.

Customer expectations are also changing. A 2014 Deloitte whitepaper acknowledges the increasingly high consumer expectations in terms of mobility, speed and accessibility for services—at a lower price. It also points out that digital technologies have allowed a variety of new companies originating from the retail and telecom industries to enter the financial services field, heightening the competition. Now, more than ever, traditional finance institutions cannot afford to fall behind. Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era However, it’s not just customer-facing digital solutions that are required. As a 2012 Bain report “The Digital Challenge to Retail Banks” pointed out, the real challenge for financial institutions is not to simply create an app for customers—banks and other finance organizations must integrate digital solutions into their operations: “The integrated online and offline digital bank needs a new organizational and technical spine to deliver a seamless service experience that’s focused on customers and adapted to their varied needs across all media and channels”.

Samsung understands the need for high-quality, fast technologies to aid the rapid pace of work in the financial services industry. We have a variety of digital solutions to meet these needs and help companies rise above the competition.

1. Collaborate & communicate effectively with partners around the world

The financial services industry is highly globalized, with collaborations happening around the world and across different time zones. The industry also frequently involves meetings between headquarters and branch locations within the same country. Whether it is across the ocean or across the country, these interactions take place far enough apart that face-to-face conferences can be inconvenient.

In order to collaborate effectively, the meeting room must be equipped with the proper tools. With Samsung QM85D Smart Signage, virtual meetings can be more productive, thanks to multi-screen capabilities. This Quad Windows PBP Smart Signage solution displays the equivalent of four Full High Definition content screens on a single Ultra High Definition display. Dynamic multiscreen presentation on a single display allows viewers to see varying content streams simultaneously, even real-time market data—all synchronized perfectly. And with the latest UHD technology, you can deliver high-impact messaging with accurate, vivid content playback in various configurations. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-by-Picture (PBP) scenarios optimize display usage for more immersive viewing, and due to high pixel density, text is super-crisp and visuals are hyper-realistic. With this solution, not only can HQ communicate more effectively with remote employees and branches, employees can provide higher quality consultations to clients as well. Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era For interactive ideation and collaboration, the Samsung Magic Interactive White Board (MagicIWB) solution offers an exciting and engaging experience for meeting attendees. Files from any PC drive can be accessed on the MagicIWB, and participants can use their mobile devices to share content, and answer and ask questions. With touch-sensitive capabilities, this board allows the meeting facilitator to interact directly with the presentation materials. If moving around the room is more your style, the Bluetooth wireless Magic Presenter allows you to highlight information on DM75E or DM82E Smart Signage, much like a laser pointer but without the danger of straining the eyes of those present. It also enables you to digitally point directly onto the Samsung display, unlike conventional laser pointers. In addition, this technology allows for more freedom of movement and comfortable viewing for the audience. “Extend collaboration beyond the four walls of the office.” No modern financial institution big or small can survive without a strong and reliable wireless Internet network, which is why Samsung offers the Smart WLAN enterprise solution for optimized and secure wireless communications designed for enterprises of all sizes. Its Smart Scheduler feature optimizes network traffic for maximum wireless service, giving financial institutions higher throughput and capacity to support fast, seamless connections for branch staff and customers alike. With its high capacity, multiple device users can enjoy secure, high-quality Wi-Fi service for premium voice, data and video messaging. Plus, intelligent access points deliver maximum service coverage, which means freedom for financial staff to serve customers more productively from anywhere. Powered by reliable, high-capacity wireless Internet, your employees can extend collaboration beyond the four walls of the office.

2. Facilitate business anywhere with improved connectivity and agility

Samsung Cloud Displays transform today’s financial environments with more agile, efficient processes through server-based connectivity. Each display is securely connected to a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, allowing for easy portability, flexibility, and comfort—meaning you can set them up where it’s most convenient for your staff, on any given day. Its USB connectivity allows for easy integration with other peripherals, making it a truly flexible workstation solution. And despite its thin and light form, it packs a punch: the 1.0 GHz dual-core processor increases performance and service delivery. The curved design and ultra-wide viewing angles allow for distortion-free viewing with less eye strain, and the ergonomic build is designed for multitasking. This agile, efficient solution can increase operational efficiency while reducing IT costs, not to mention create more comfortable, happier employees. Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era Document handling, often a source of mix-ups and headaches, gets a big upgrade with an electronic signature solution. Financial staff need only to download the solution app to a Samsung mobile device, like the GALAXY Tab S 10.5 or the GALAXY Note 4, to handle contracts while on the road or in the office.

With this solution, financial staff in the office can get documents signed quickly and conveniently without the hassle of meeting in person or printing, faxing, mailing documents—enabling staff to expedite the contract signing process. Mobile personnel on the other hand, can obtain signatures for financial contracts anywhere, anytime. They then can conveniently send the documents back to onsite staff for quick and efficient document tracking and processing.

The GALAXY Tab S 10.5 and the GALAXY Note 4 make signing on the dotted line even easier with sophisticated handwriting functionality support and the versatile S Pen® with advanced grip. The GALAXY Note 4 supports both multitasking features and Samsung KNOX, allowing you to get work done securely anywhere, while the GALAXY Tab S 10.5 offers realistic imagery with a Super AMOLED display, as well as multitasking functions with its Multi Window feature. In an environment where security, approvals and clearance are high-priority, the combination of an electronic signature solution and Samsung mobile devices enables financial institutions to gain greater mobility and increase document handling efficiency.

3. Manage documents seamlessly and securely to boost productivity

Every office needs paper documents, and smart ways of handling them. Financial institutions require the highest level of security for their documents, in particular. Financial staff can work in confidence with secure document handling and printing, thanks to Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions (BCPS). With Samsung’s secure and pull printing solution, office staff can safely and conveniently share print jobs, knowing confidential documents are being delivered securely only to authorized users using flexible authentication methods such as ID card authentication.

More specifically, authorized branch employees can use Samsung SecuThru™Lite to pull confidential customer documents from the Samsung Multifunction ProXpress M4070FX printer and release them safely. Serverless, secure pull printing ensures that only authorized staff can pull print jobs where and when they need them, safeguarding customers’ personal information and privacy, which is crucial in the financial services industry. “…heightens productivity, reduces repetitive work,
and enables smoother workflow…”
Samsung BCPS also boosts productivity with Samsung’s workflow solution, SmarThru® Workflow Lite, which enables enhanced document capture and automated document distribution. Using ID card authentication on the Samsung Smart MultiXpress X4300 Multifunction Printer, staff can scan customers’ financial documents and automatically distribute them to pre-specified management personnel. Upgrading Financial Services in a Digital Era The MultiXpress X4300 MFP comes equipped with a 1 GHz CPU for quick processing of print jobs of any size, and also includes the XOA web platform, which provides a variety of productivity tools and apps for easier document handling. One-touch scanning sends a document to multiple locations with just one scan, and its Zone OCR feature translates scanned images into characters for efficient routing.

The Samsung SmarThru® Workflow Lite solution heightens productivity, reduces repetitive work, and enables smoother workflow via automated document management, helping staff to serve customers swiftly and more efficiently.

Upgrading financial institutions for the 21st century

It’s a competitive field, and customers have high expectations for speed, efficiency, and security. As growing numbers of financial institutions implement the necessary upgrades, digital tools in finance can no longer be considered innovative advances, but expected and integral pieces of the office ecosystem. Offices need flexible workspaces, secure and capable communications, and smart workflows, with the right solutions to support those infrastructures. The financial institution of the 21st century is a connected, secure and highly efficient organization, and Samsung is excited to be a part of that advancement.

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