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Social Hub
Managing your schedule is now
easier than ever! Multiple web
calendars are synchronized into the
Social Hub Calendar. All meetings
and events from Facebook and
Google™ appear on one calendar.
Phonebook will become your
launching pad for SNS and email.
You can sync your Galaxy 580 to
your web accounts on Googl™
and Facebook so you can add
your friends with all their details!
This feature is an integrated
message box so users are
given the "whole picture"
of their message status
across all forms of
messaging including
e-mail, instant messa-
ging, social network,
and SMS messages.

You can download popular appli-
cations such as games, multime-
dia, stocks and etc from
Android™ market. Also, you are
invited to evaluate the down-
loaded application by leaving a
few comments in your own
Google™ services are optimized to
support mobile platform applications
Such as Google Talk™, Gmail™,
Google Search™ and YouTube™.
Google Maps™ allows you easy access to satellite maps and images. This feature can zoom, rotate and pan through street level photos of cities around the world. Click on Buzz layer on Google Maps™ and you can see, at a glance, what people are saying about places near and far.
Fun On-The-Go
Never lose sight of reality! With the Layar Reality Browser you
can view your surroundings through your camera
with Real Time Digital Information.
Connect the Dots' to Write a Text.
Swype is a Faster and Easier Way to Input Text on
Any Screen. And the 'Write&Go' feature allows you
to select a pre-written text and choose the way you
want to send it
Mobile Office Productivity Tools
for Document Viewing & Editing &
Portable Video layer
and Simple Music
List & Player.
Touchwiz 3.0 is supported allowing
customizable homescreens and
enhanced real-time widgets related
to time, stocks, weather and more.
A longer, more
energy efficient
battery to enhance
running time.

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