samsung galaxy s wifi

Game On. On the Go.

Transform ordinary moments to those of legend
with the unrivaled game play of GALAXY S Wifi 4.2.
With a display so expansive, your games become
epic adventures no matter where you are.
And with movies, music, and social communication
in the mix, it’s pure multimedia experience on the go.

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Unrivaled Games

High fidelity SoundAlive through the front stereo speaker. Gyro sensors for all your movements.
EA premium games at your fingertips. It’s portable gaming like never before.

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Legendary Multimedia

Why settle for small? With its expansive and
vibrant 4.2” display, GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 is
your portable movie theater.
It can play various media formats – just
drag and drop without encoding.
And one press of a button is all it takes to
play your favorite beats in
delicious SoundAlive fidelity.

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Epic Communication

Never miss a moment once you have
GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 with you. Video chat using the
front camera and ChatON, a multimedia messaging
service to share the latest gossip with all your friends.
And with Bluetooth, pair GALAXY S WiFi 4.2
with your feature phone or tablet for a convenient and
affordable connection.

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Pure Content Share

Set all your content free. Gain instant access to all your music and movies on your TV, computer, or GALAXY S WiFi 4.2.
So when you move from living room to bedroom to back again, you can keep watching that movie without interruption. Nothing to watch?
Don’t worry, YouTube is built in. And with the incredible apps found in Android Market and Samsung Apps, you’ll never have a dull moment
with GALAXY S WiFi 4.2.

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