Stay Connected 24/7

Hear and be heard with the incredible communication capabilities
of the Galaxy S WiFi 3.6.And now see and be seen with the front camera that enables natural voice and video calls. Utilize the Bluetooth connection to virtually transform your Galaxy S WiFi into a phone.
And stay updated on the latest with Social Hub,
your extensive social network in one easy stop.

Video/Voice Calls

Want to not only hear about but also see what your friends are up to? Now you can with Google Talk * , which lets you enjoy voice and video calls with just a wireless connection. And with the vivid front VT camera, you can now show your stories, not just tell them. So go talk to a loved one, right in the palm of your hands.

available with free software update

Bluetooth Handsfree

Want to avoid awkwardly using your tablet PC for calls? Pare your Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 with your tablet PC via Bluetooth, and presto! now your Galaxy is a virtual smartphone. You can even pare your featurephone for an integrated smartphone experience. It’s everything you’ve wanted from a smartphone without the cost of smartphone data charges. Now that’s smart.

Social Hub

Want to know what your friends are up to? Find out with Social Hub. All the popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace are here, so that you can spend less time searching and more time checking out what’s going on right now. And never miss the next big party by syncing your calendar with those of your friends, all in one place - Social Hub.