Unrivaled Games

High fidelity SoundAlive through the front stereo speaker. Gyro sensors for all your movements.
EA premium games at your fingertips. It’s portable gaming like never before.

Native EA Premium Games

Whether you show off your skills on the pitch or track,
GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 has you covered.
Preloaded with FIFA 2012 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit,
GALAXY S WiFi 4.2 has you gaming in no time.
Better yet, you also get access to 3 premium trial and
purchase demos ready for download.
It’s time for a gaming experience like no other.

Gyro Sensor

GALAXY S WiFi 4.2’s not only fun, but smart.
The gyro sensor transforms your games
into completely immersive experiences so amazing,
you just might miss the subway.

Quality SoundAlive™ fidelity. No earphones necessary.

Sometimes you just want to kick back and
enjoy without earphones. GALAXY S WiFi 4.2
comes with front speakers producing high quality
SoundAlive, fidelity that transforms your movies
and games into epic events.