Pure Content Share

Set all your content free. Gain instant access to all your music and movies on your TV, computer, or GALAXY S WiFi 4.2.
So when you move from living room to bedroom to back again, you can keep watching that movie without interruption. Nothing to watch?
Don’t worry, YouTube is built in. And with the incredible apps found in Android Market and Samsung Apps, you’ll never have a dull moment with GALAXY S WiFi 4.2.

Smart View

Want to grab a snack or take a bathroom break during your TV
program? No sweat, your GALAXY S Wifi 4.2 can play whatever
is on TV wirelessly. Want to change channels? Go ahead, you
can watch multiple channels simultaneously on TV and your
GALAXY S. And with Smart View, use your GALAXY S as your
universal remote control - search channels,browse the web, even
play games. Complete with multilingual support, relaxing on the
coach has never been so easy.

All Share

All Share enables any DLNA device the ability to share
all your files wirelessly.
Enjoy your music and movies seamlessly on your TV,
computer, or GALAXY S WiFi 4.2.

Rich Multimedia Content

Discover the largest library of free apps in Android Market,
the fastest growing app store. And that’s not all – also gain
access to Samsung Apps, applications specifically tailored
to perfection for your Samsung mobile device.
Whatever your needs, never be without that perfect app.

Kies Air

With a simple wireless connection, transfer any of
GALAXY S WiFi 4.2’s data to a computer.
No Installation, no cables. Yes, it’s that simple.