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  • Talk to TV S Recommendation image
    "Talk to TV" S Recommendation
    "It's so easy, talk to TV!" Just say the Samsung Smart TV
    Rapper's magic words to discover great content on
    your Smart TV. S Recommendation with Voice
    Interaction on Samsung Smart TV recommends movies
    and TV shows based on your viewing preferences, so
    you can easily find something to watch or schedule a
  • A Butler Like Never Before image
    A Butler Like Never Before
    The 5-panel Smart Hub on the new Samsung Smart TV
    is a butler like never before! This new butler is there to
    serve you, with each panel making it easier for you to
    discover more of the content you love.
  • Usher's Looking 4 Myself  =Presented by
    "Looking 4 Myself " Motion Control
    Inspired by Usher's latest single, "Looking 4 Myself,"
    Samsung invites you to experience what motion
    control truly means. Using the power of Smart
    Interaction on a Samsung Smart TV, Usher faces an
    epic battle against a darker side of himself.
    He discovers that motion is so powerful that it defines
    what you see, hear and even what you feel. With the
    cutting-edge motion control technology in the 2013
    Samsung Smart TV, you can bring this power home.