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S Recommendation with Voice Interaction

Discover what you want to watch without surfing channels just by asking your TV. It will respond to your voice and
find a selection of customized options from live TV, VODs or apps based on your previous viewing preferences. As
you spend lots of time with your TV, S Recommendation will become smarter in understanding your taste. Using
Smart Touch Control, simply ask, "Anything interesting to watch?" Then, the Recommendation Bar will pop up on
your TV with a list of viewing options.

  • * Remote control may vary by region and TV model.
  • * Visit for more information about service operator compatibility.
  • * For Series 6 models, Voice Interaction will only be available through the Smart Touch Control.
  • * Voice Interaction performance may vary depending on language, local dialect, pronunciation, voice and ambient noise levels.
  • * S Recommendation may not be available without expressed consent regarding to the collection and use of personal information.
  • * Certain features within S Recommendation require internet access and may not be available based on service provider, language, dialect and region.
  • * S-Recommendation is based on a combination of users' viewing preferences and popular content.
        Until it has built sufficient insight into a user's viewing preferences to make personal recommendations,
        S-Recommendation will be based on popularity with viewers generally.
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