NX1000 - 20.3M APS-C CMOS Sensor - Bigger size, higher quality play

20.3M APS-C Sensor

APS-C Reality never looked so real
Customized for the NX System, the brand-new, professional-grade, 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor produces images that rival those
of any premium DSLR. Each individual pixel has a large sensor area and receives more light, guaranteeing low noise levels,
high dynamic range and accurate color differentiation. The higher sensitivity allows you to shoot during low-light situations without
graininess or other noise. The new sensor also provides Full HD video output capabilities.

NX1000 - Wi-Fi Connectivity (Smart Link Hot Key) - Mobile Link (Default), Supports personalized setting play

Wi-Fi (Smart Link)

Wi-Fi One-touch wireless sharing
Forget about bringing the right cable along. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you instantly share special moments with friends and family,
even when you’re on the move. Upload photos to Facebook or email them directly from the NX1000 to your loved ones.
A dedicated Smart Link hot key makes it easy to save photos you just took to any compatible smartphone,
opening up even more sharing possibilities.

NX1000 - 1080 30p Full HD Movie Recording - 1920 * 1080p size stereo movie recording (MP4, H.264) play

1080P Full HD Stero Movie Recording

FHD Discover the true beauty of HD video
Built with 1080 30p Full HD movie recording capabilities, the NX1000 transforms shooting video with a still camera into an art form.
Choose from a wide range of viewing angles and zoom with confidence. The mirrorless CMOS image sensor offers
precise auto focus even while you shoot. For a truly cinematic experience,
the NX System has been fitted with an 18-200mm lens exclusively for Full HD video.

NX1000 - Smart Auto 2.0 - Overview Image

Smart Auto 2.0

SMART AUTO The simple way to go pro
The NX1000’s Smart Auto 2.0 automatically analyzes the shooting environment and then chooses the appropriate
scene mode for the best possible results. Smart Auto 2.0 analyzes key elements in the composition and automatically
adjusts its 16 photo modes and 4 movie modes to capture the best shot.

NX1000 - High Speed Capture (8fps / 100ms AF) - Fast AF and 8 FPS Continuous Shooting

High Speed Capture

ISO A camera that’s quick on the draw
The NX1000’s High Speed Capture capabilities let you catch fleeting moments and fast-moving objects without requiring
a separate sensor module. The NX System features an ultra-high-speed Auto Focus that can rival that of almost any system camera.
Its all-new, advanced algorithm delivers faster and more accurate auto focus.
The NX1000 can shoot at 8 frames per second for better continuous shooting.