Samsung Remote Support

After a hard day, all anyone ever wants to do is relax in front of their favorite TV show. But sometime, as we all know, life gets interrupted.
Now wouldn't it be nice if instead of having to make a hundred phone calls to get your TV fixed on a future day,you would only have to make one call to have it fixed the same day.
Well with remote management, now you can.

Thank you for calling Samsung, How may I help you?
Hi, I'm having trouble with my TV and I can't seem to figure it out.
Oh, I can certainly help you with that, all I need is your TV's unique pin code and I can service your TV right over the phone.
Is that hard to get?
No it's really easy, just open TV's menu, select "Support", and then "Remote management".
Oh, wow, that was easy.

Just like that our technician can control and diagnose your TV the same day without the hassle of setting up a separate appointment. And there's no need to worry about security, our system is set up with secure connections so that you can get back and enjoying your TV without having to worry about privacy issues.

Looks like you just needed to update your TV firmware; I just did that for you.
And we were also able to restore your custom TV setting, so it should be all set.

OK great, thank you that was quick and easy.
No, you're welcome, it's been my pleasure.

So don't let life's little interruption get you down, let Samsung's remote management support help you get up and running in no time.

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What is Remote Support?

Samsung Remote Support service offers you
one-on-one support with a Samsung Technician
who can remotely :
  • Diagnose your TV
  • Customize the TV setting for you (Picture, Sound, etc)
  • Backup & Restore your customized setting
  • Reset your TV to the factory default
  • Install the latest firmware
  • Manage Smart Hub optimally
Plus, your settings are saved on our servers
for future sessions, if needed.

It's easy!
Just call us and ask for remote support.

How Does it Work?

Having a Samsung Tech remotely service your TV is really pretty simple!
  1. 1. Call 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864) and ask for remote support.
  2. 2. Open the menu on your TV and go to the Support section. *Press "Mute" button on your remote for 5 secs for 2013 TVs
  3. 3. Select Remote Management and Provide the Pin# to the agent.
  4. 4. The agent will then access your TV... that's it!


  • Q : Does My TV Need To Be Connected To The Internet?

    A : Yes, in order for the Samsung technician to access and control your TV your TV must be connected to a stable high speed network. If your TV cannot access the internet or your network connection to the TV is unstable or slow you will receive a message that you are unable to connect to the Remote Management service.

  • Q : Is The Remote Management Service Safe?

    A : Yes, the remote management system uses a secure connection between your TV and our server. All information is stored on Samsungs servers and no third party company has access to this information. No unwanted information can be sent to your TV or any malicious programs.

  • Q : Can Samsung Access My TV Anytime They Want?

    A : No, The Remote Management system only allows Samsung to connect to your TV for a session and once the connection is terminated Samsung cannot reconnect without a new session being initiated by you. Powering off the TV will also terminate any session immediately.

  • Q : Can The Samsung Technician See What I Am Watching?

    A : Yes the Samsung technician will be able to see the incoming signals picture. Through this the agent can determine if the problem is being cause by the signal or the TVs panel. For Example: If the Samsung technician connects to the TV and can see a line in the image then he knows that that line is being created by the incoming signal not the TV. If the technician cannot see the line we know that there is a problem with the TV.

  • Q : Do I Have To Pay For This Service?

    A : No, the Remote Management service is offered free of charge to our customers. Samsung strives to constantly provide our customers with the best support for their products. The Remote Management system is just an additional service we now offer to our customers.

  • Q : What can you do once you are connected to my TV?

    A : Once connected to the TV an agent can control the TV as if they were in front of the TV itself and make any adjustment to the consumer settings in the TV. The agent can see a list of all the setting the TV was set to when you connect and save all settings that the TV has been set to when finished. So if you need to connect again the agent can quickly review which settings have been changed from the previous session.

  • Q : Can the Samsung Technician see me through a built-in TV camera?

    A : A Samsung technician could see you through the built-in camera but only if they are accessing an app that uses the built in camera (Skype, Camera app, etc). The Samsung technicians will never access these types of apps while connected to your TV unless they are specifically asked to do so in order to test that particular apps functionality. You can set the camera to the closed position to prevent the technician from seeing you while accessing the application. There is no way for the technician to access your built in camera without your knowledge.