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Samsung University Relations

Explore opportunities to build research partnerships with academic communities for creating the future

Samsung Academic Initiatives

Samsung is actively engaged in the pursuit of open innovation in order to foster the discovery of new ideas and technological breakthroughs.

Each year Samsung invests approximately 100 million dollars into R&D activities with universities worldwide, launching countless scientific and technical cooperation
programs with leading academic institutions. The resulting collaborations have included thousands of rewarding partnerships with top universities and successful
research projects.

While Samsung takes a proactive approach to finding, building, and developing lasting relationships with academic communities in a range of future-facing areas of
technology, we are devoted to establishing a strong foundation to encourage creatively-minded and challenge-oriented investigators.

Samsung brings together expertise from academia by connecting and collaborating with leading researchers and scientists to prepare for new challenges and explore
wide-open possibilities for the future.

By sharing resources, leveraging ideas and tapping into others’ expertise, we are able to create vibrant innovation ecosystems, amplify our efforts, enhance the speed
and efficiency of innovation and ultimately generate more value for people and society.

Samsung, with its academic partners, continues to inspire the world in innovative directions, pushing the boundaries of discovery to new horizons, and towards the most
promising breakthroughs.

Open Innovation | Innovative Technolgy : Identify challenges, seek highly promising topics and explore wide-open possibilities | Talented Personnel : Nurture outstanding individuals and strengthen their research competencies | Creative Idea : Discover new ideas with creatively-minded and challenge-oriented investigators