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Personal Information Treatment Policy
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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd (hereinafter “SEC”) values your personal information and complies with the Law on Personal Information Protection
and Promotion of Communication Networks. Our privacy policy sets forth how and for what purposes the personal information that you provide used,
and what measures we are taking to protect your personal information (“Policy”).

If the Policy is revised, a notice will be posted on our website or e-mailed to you.

ο This Policy is effective as of July 1, 2013.

What Information is Collected?

SEC collects the following personal information when receiving proposals.

ο Personal information collected

Required Information (proposer) name, university name, research area, email address, and phone number

How is the Information Utilized?

SEC uses collected personal information to identify individuals, review proposals and requests, and provide notices as to whether your proposal/request has been selected.

Usage and Period of Retention of Personal Information.

Personal information will be destroyed without delay when it is proven to become unnecessary to the extent that it is no longer required to be retained. Personal Information shall be retained for one (1) year pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act.

How is the Personal Information Destroyed?

ο Procedure
After the purpose of collection and usage is achieved, your personal information is moved to a separate database (or a file cabinet if it is a hard copy), retained for a certain period in accordance with our internal policies and relevant laws (See, the Period of Retention and Use) and deleted using techniques for permanent destruction

The personal information moved to a separate database will not be used for purposes other than retention except where required by law.

ο Destruction
Personal information in electronic files will be deleted using techniques for permanent destruction.

Disclosure of Personal Information

SEC does not disclose users’ personal information to third parties, except ο where users’ consent is obtained; or
ο where disclosure is necessary by law or requested through due process by law enforcement authorities.

Outsourcing the processing of collected personal information

To run web services, SEC outsources the processing of personal information to an outside organization

ο Outsourcee: Samsung SDS Co., Ltd.
ο Outsourced work: website and system management, settlement of consumer complaints, notification.

Users’ Rights and Method to Exercise Users’ Rights

You can access your personal information held by SEC and request correction or deletion. For access or request for correction, please contact Chief Privacy Officer in writing, or by phone or e-mail.

If you request for correction of inaccurate data, the data will not be used or provided until it is corrected. If we have already provided a third party with incorrect personal information, we will notify the relevant third party of it promptly so that the information can be corrected.

Personal information that you or your legal representative requests for deletion will be handled in accordance with the provisions of ‘Period of Retention and Use of Personal Information collected by Samsung Electronics’ and relevant laws, and shall not be used for other purposes

Automatic Collection of Personal Information

We do not use cookies and other technologies that collect personal information created automatically when using the Internet.

Complaints about Personal Information

The following team and Chief Privacy Officer shall be in charge of protecting personal information, and handle questions and complaints about our Policy.

  - Chief Privacy Officer
    Name: Namhyoung Kim, Senior Manager, Human Resources Team
    Phone: +82-31-280-9099

You can file any complaints related to personal information while using our website with the Chief Privacy Officer or the Human Resources Team and SEC will promptly respond to your complaints.

For reports or consultation on privacy breaches, please contact the following organizations:
    1. Personal Information Security Center ( 118 without a exchange number)
    2. Cyber Crime Investigations Unit of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office (
    3. Cyber Terror Response Center of the National Police Agency (