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Samsung University Relations

Explore opportunities to build research partnerships with academic communities for creating the future

Samsung Research Partnership

Samsung has many, diverse long-term strategic relationships closely with university partners worldwide: identifying challenges, sharing findings, and continually exploring
possibilities for the future as we mutually push the frontiers of science and technology along a variety of research directions.

The Samsung Research Partnership enables Samsung and university partners to forge deep relationships through multi-year collaborations, seek highly promising topics
that require significant research collaborations and resolve the significantly challenging technology issues and achieve the collaboration results that align
with strategic vision and goals of both parties.

The benefits of Samsung’s collaborative research programs and initiatives work both ways:

  • Samsung enhances its strengths as an innovator, gaining deep insights into the latest results in academic research and gains access to highly qualified young talent.

  • Universities develop their understanding of industry’s practical research activities and needs and are able to nurture outstanding individuals and strengthen their research competencies by collaborating with Samsung.
    Also, universities open up valuable career opportunities at Samsung for their graduates.

Samsung looks forward to growing mutually with our academic partners through organically connected partnerships where we can develop various collaboration programs
and strengthen the research-related supports so as to vitalize existing collaborations with academia.

Furthermore, as our continuous efforts to promote creative technologies, Samsung has launched the new ‘Samsung Science & Technology Foundation’ by allocating
a total 1.5 billion dollars over the next decade starting in 2013 in order to set the stage for establishing of liberal operation system and for vibrant and inventive research development that will allow customized project period, budget, research procedures, etc. in accordance with the attributes of each research subjects.

‘Samsung Science & Technology Foundation will be particularly attentive to implementing the three future technology promoting programs in alignment with the creative
economy including ‘basic science’ which is fundamental to future technology, ‘material science’ with its basis in advanced manufacturing and ‘ICT convergent creative projects’ which builds added value to innovation.

We offer universities around the world the opportunity to participate in joint research with leading Samsung researchers and scientists and wish to share with the wider
community outstanding results, as we continue our efforts to create solutions that enables quicker, mutually beneficial research partnerships for the future.