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syndicated RSS

To subscribe to a feed, right click the XML button and
copy and paste the feed link to your RSS reader client.
Alternatively, for users of My Yahoo, Google and Bloglines,
you can simply click the particular button to add
it to your account.

choose a news feed type

  • Product RSS XML
  • Air Cleaner XML
  • Air Conditioners XML
  • Blu-ray XML
  • Camcorders XML
  • Cameras XML
  • DVD Players XML
  • Home Theater XML
  • Large Format Display Series XML
  • MP3 Players XML
  • Microwaves XML
  • Monitors XML
  • Notebook XML
  • Oven XML
  • Printers & Multifunction XML
  • Refrigerators XML
  • Televisions XML
  • Vacuum Cleaners XML
  • Voice Pen XML
  • Washers XML
  • mobile Phones XML
  • photo frame XML
  • News RSS XML
  • careers news XML
  • corporate news XML
  • product news XML
  • newsletter XML

RSS support

RSS at
RSS is an easy and automatic way to keep up to date on information from websites you like. you can use RSS to alert you every time there is something new.
how do I use RSS?
To use RSS, you need to download a News Reader