Choose a TV That Suits Your Room—and You

Mar 12, 2012

If you’ve shopped for a TV lately, you know that vivid screens with excellent image quality aren’t hard to find. But not all TVs are as enjoyable to live with as they are to watch. A TV should become part of your home decor, rather than dominating it. And it should fit just as smoothly into your other home entertainment options.

Flat-screen televisions have gotten bigger and better, but many of them also seem to have become more demanding and obtrusive. A model that dominates your decor or requires extra work to operate isn’t doing its job.

A TV should be awesome when you’re watching it and inconspicuous when you’re not. If that sounds like what you want in a TV, here are some tips about what to look for:

Nothing to Hide

You’ve been there: those homes that seem to have been built around a giant TV. It’s a concept that’s been hanging around since those mammoth consoles of the 1950s, and it hasn’t gotten any fresher. Other homes go to the opposite extreme, requiring interior designers to dream up increasingly ingenious ways to hide a big TV.

Whether you hang it on a wall or not, your TV should be easy to look at, on or off. Some of today’s LEDs, such as Samsung’s LED D8000, are slim and elegant, with very thin bezels. When your TV is simply but artfully designed, you won’t want to hide it—or refurnish your home to accommodate it.

Easy Options and Connections

Today’s entertainment options can be overwhelming. Sorting through all the different online and offline sources of movies, shows, apps, and more can feel like work, not relaxation. Your TV should give you a central place where you can easily find great content from all your sources, and even get recommendations. Samsung’s Smart Hub does all of that, and also provides a web browser for surfing the Internet and Social TV for connecting with friends.

Your TV should also connect wirelessly—and painlessly—with all of your entertainment sources. Samsung’s All Share feature lets you enjoy music, photos, movies, videos, and shows from all your devices. And you can forget about compatibility issues with any DLNA-certified PC or mobile device.

3D That Suits You

The 3D experience can be spectacular, but it can also be clunky and uncomfortable. If you get a headache after viewing for a while, what’s the point? It’s important not to overlook the glasses when you choose a 3D TV. Remember, your TV should accommodate you, not the other way around. For example, you can slide your prescription lenses right into the D8000’s light, comfortable glasses. While you may not want to wear them to the office, watching TV won’t make you feel like you’re wearing a welder’s mask.

Remote Possibilities

The last thing you need is more remote controls to add to the collection buried deep inside your couch. Find a TV that comes with a remote that can operate your other devices, regardless of manufacturer. Better yet, choose a model that lets you turn any popular smartphone into a full-featured remote—and a second TV! The LED D8000 gives you both options. (You can download the remote app to any popular smartphone, not just Samsung models.) The app includes an on-screen qwerty keyboard, so it won’t take long to type in the name of your favorite actor or show.

The wealth of options and features available on today’s TVs makes it easy to lose sight of what television is supposed to be all about: relaxation and enjoyment. By choosing a model that integrates smoothly into your home, you’ll find it easier to integrate a little more fun into your life.