Tube Amp Audio Dock
Delivers Richer Sound

Oct 22, 2012

There was a time when an audio dock was simply a means of playing your MP3 player out loud—without much regard for more premium features. But with advancements like better sound quality, smarter design, and added connectivity for smartphones and other devices, the new generation of audio dock has more to offer than ever before.


Premium Sound Quality

For audiophiles looking for richer sound from an audio dock, the one-dimensional output of a conventional dock may not fit the bill anymore. Look for these characteristics to bring professional-quality sound to your home entertainment setup:

- Warm, rich tone: Sometimes innovation means putting a new spin on a classic technology, like the DA-E750’s use of a vacuum tube amp. Samsung is the first to combine the accuracy of a digital amp with the natural sound of a tube amp, upgrading sound quality to a level coveted by audio enthusiasts and professional musicians.

- Clearer, truer sound: The DA-E750’s speaker unit uses a premium glass fiber material with heat resistance and anti-vibration to deliver clearer sound, and a built-in 60W subwoofer for rich, true bass.

- More powerful sound: An overall 100W sound output provides plenty of volume for even the hardest-rocking home user.

Premium Connectivity

With many consumers owning not only an MP3 player but also multiple other music-enabled mobile devices (cell- and smartphones, laptops, tablets, even flash drives and HDDs), today’s audio dock needs to offer multiple methods of connectivity. Look for a dock, like the DA-E750, that lets you play music directly from all of your devices:

- Dual docking: A hidden tray at the back of the unit lets you dock more devices directly onto the audio dock. Connect Apple products, including iPod, iPad, and iPhone, as well as Samsung Galaxy phones (with a free downloaded app).

- Wireless connectivity: Don’t part with your smartphone for the evening just so it can serve as jukebox. Instead, connect wirelessly with Samsung Galaxy models via AllShare Play, and Apple products (including iPhone and iPad) with Apple’s Airplay.

- Bluetooth connectivity: Connect via Bluetooth for cord-free play even when you don’t have a Wi-Fi network available. Connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices, including select cell phones, PCs, and MP3 players.

- USB connectivity: Plug a USB memory stick or flash drive directly into the USB port.

- Aux-in connectivity: Any device with a headphone jack—such as a laptop or MP3 player—can connect directly to the DA-E750 (with a male/male auxiliary cord, sold separately).

Premium Design

With music playing a central role in a home entertainment setup, you need an audio dock that looks as good as it sounds. Consider designer touches such as these, found on the DA-E750:

- Furniture-like finish: The audio dock’s real wood finish is sealed with a protective Formica coating, giving it a rich, glossy finish more like a piece of fine furniture than a typical electronic component.

- Unique visual features: Dazzle your friends with your taste in music and your taste in design. A see-through portal on the top of the dock showcases the unit’s unique vacuum tube, lending a premium antique feel.

- Sleek controls: Touch-button inputs make volume adjustments a snap, and give the dock a streamlined appearance.

An audio dock with rich, premium sound quality; multiple input options; and even a sleek, high-end design? That’s more like it.