Take Better Photos With the Right Camera Add-ons

Mar 12, 2012

You did your research and bought the perfect compact camera for your needs. Now that you’ve mastered how to use the camera, a few choice accessories can help expand the ways you use it, improve the photos you take with it, and let you more effectively share your photos with friends and family.

Compact cameras today offer bells and whistles that could be found only on full-size cameras just a few years ago. But there’s no need to limit yourself to these built-in features, when a few thoughtfully chosen accessories can help you get even more out of your camera. Consider adding some of the following to raise your photography game:

• Charger kit.

While most compact cameras come with a battery charger packed into the box, a charger kit will expand your options for charging your battery, even when you’re traveling. Look for a kit that includes a cord-free battery holder that plugs directly into the wall, a travel charger, and a car charger. With so many ways to charge, your camera will always be ready whenever you are.

• HDMI or AV cable.

The best part of taking photos is sharing them with others. For a show-stopping slide show, connect your camera directly to an HDTV (with an HDMI cable) or any television with AV inputs (with an AV cable) to display your images and videos. Simply plug one end into your Samsung camera and the other into the appropriate port on the TV.

• Carrying cases.

The most important function of a camera case or bag is to keep your camera protected. But with so many stylish choices, a case can also be an expression of personal style! Choose a rugged bag for outdoor adventuring, or a sleek case for discreet camera carrying even at “dressy” functions. With so many choices, it’s easy to keep your camera in top condition.

• Camera strap.

Your camera likely came packaged with a wrist cord, which is perfect for casual carrying. But if you’re planning to be more active, consider adding a wrist, shoulder/neck, or floating strap to keep your camera safe. A beefier strap will keep your camera handy as well as protected from accidental drops, so that you can feel confident taking it wherever your adventures lead you.

• Remote switch.

Don’t become the photographer who never makes an appearance in his own photos. Step in front of the camera to snap self-portraits or group photos with a compact camera remote. Its small size makes it easy to stash in your camera bag so it’ll be waiting when inspiration hits. (Compatible models: NX5/10/11/100)

• Memory card.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an exciting event and having your camera display the “memory card full” warning. Choose a high-capacity SD/Micro SD card to make sure you’ll always have memory space for your memorable moments. Even consider keeping a spare in your camera bag for times when you plan to take more photos than usual, or memory-consuming video.

• External flash.

Though your camera’s built-in flash should provide plenty of light for typical low-light situations like indoor photography, there will be times when a bit of extra lighting may result in a more professional-looking photo. An external flash provides additional options (such as rotating the flash for indirect or bounce lighting) as well as additional power for brighter lighting. (Compatible with NX and EX models)

• Lens filters.

Some compact cameras, such as Samsung’s NX range, support interchangeable lenses, for users who want more options than an all-in-one camera provides. But did you know that you can even further customize your interchangeable lenses by adding a lens filter? Filters give your camera better control in handling light under a variety of different conditions. Use a multiple coating (MC) filter to block UV rays, a circular polarizing (CPL) filter to control refraction, and a natural density (ND) filter to reduce light. (Compatible with NX lenses)

A compact camera is a great choice for its relatively low cost and extreme portability. With the right camera and the right accessories, you can take your photography skills to the next level.