The Samsung UT Series is a solution that is bound to make a major impact on your audience. Its ultra-narrow bezel display gives you a video wall that is virtually seamless, ensuring that your viewers benefit from a powerful, immersive experience. This model has an integrated brightness adjuster so that the display can adapt to different light conditions. The UT Series lets you share content between multiple LFDs via digital loop technology, creating consistent and striking messages and images. This feature is easy to install and is a cost-effective way to connect multiple displays

Super narrow Bezel

This is an excellent choice for large format video walls. This model produces high-resolution images, which is fundamental when displaying striking and impressive pictures. Its ultra-narrow 6.7mm bezel ensures that your viewers can focus exclusively on the content on the screens. The LFD has a slim, light and elegant design which makes it easy to move and install.

High Brightness

This model features an intensely illuminated DID panel, guaranteeing optimal visibility for your content in a range of public areas and light conditions. It is 1.5 times brighter than other LCD displays, despite operating at a low temperature that saves both energy and costs. This display will maintain a reliable and superior performance for many years to come.

Connectivity Interface

With the UT Series you can display professional digital content without needing to purchase extra external equipment. Using a simple all-in-one adaptor you can connect your PC, monitor or TV with a special cable that is more than twice as long as standard cables. This convenient solution delivers enhanced connectivity and represents an easy and cost-effective way to create a powerful display.

Control Options

This screen, with its powerful remote control feature, allows you to manage content on your displays from near and far. It is a cost- and time-efficient solution, as it provides simultaneous control of a large number of monitors via their embedded interfaces. It is intuitive and easy-to-use, so you can display and update your content with great flexibility and creativity.

Reliable Digital Signage Display

Our extensive range of LFDs produces astonishing advertising solutions when used to create increasingly popular Digital Information Displays. The displays’ advanced features and widest variety of sizes will ensure reliable performance while making a compelling impact on your audience. The ultra-narrow bezels result in a superior visual experience, and they are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to airtight casing that protects them from dust, humidity and high temperatures.

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