The Samsung UD Series is a spectacular, striking LFD display. It can be used to form wall panels that will transform your business site. At just 5.5mm, it has the slimmest bezel of all LFDs, giving your audience a truly unique and immersive visual experience. The UD Series uses direct LED technology to give you superior high definition quality, optimising the impact of images and messages on your customers. The digital loop allows up to 100 LFDs to display equal picture quality across the entire wall. Special LFD accessories ensure user-friendly, practical installation.

Direct LED Technology

At Samsung, you get cost-effective display solutions with Direct LED technology, which is greener and more eco-friendly than CCFL lamps. The LED are situated behind the panel and the light is emitted from the rear. Its easy to fit and bright colour uniformity means that you can enjoy the same innovative LED technology.

Professional Solution For Video Wall

Samsung is changing the look, cost, and longevity of video display walls with patented tehcnology. With a super narrow bezel of just 5.5mm, focus will now be on images rather than the frame. The UD Series removes any distraction from your side to provide a greater surface area, which can be useful when creating a video wall.

Configure Up To 100 Displays

Ensure your customers see the best across multi screens with the UD Series. Digital loop out produces a single image without any loss of quality, and there is no need for a separate video signal distributor. It's easy to install and the most cost-effective way to connect multiple displays - up to an impressive 100 displays at once.

High Brightness

The UD Series has a super-bright display of 700 nits for a more vivid viewing experience/ Its vibrant, life-like images are easy to read and it also has a glare-proof surface to eliminate compromised viewing.

Reliable Digital Signage Display

Our extensive range of LFDs produces astonishing advertising solutions when used to create increasingly popular Digital Information Displays. The displays’ advanced features and widest variety of sizes will ensure reliable performance while making a compelling impact on your audience. The ultra-narrow bezels result in a superior visual experience, and they are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to airtight casing that protects them from dust, humidity and high temperatures.

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