With the massive growth in digital content, such as movies and music, backing-up PC files is now essential. Samsung’s external optical disk drive (ODD) provides the fast writing speeds and proven reliability needed to protect you valuable data. And its ultra slim and stylish design, with a Mineral Ash Black finish, is the perfect complement to your Series 9 notebook.

Ultra portable and intelligent design

If you like devices that are stylish and powerful, the Samsung ODD is the perfect choice. It sleek, ultra slim design is only 9.5 mm thick and a remarkable 300 g in weight, so it’s extremely easy to carry. Its innovative features also include a hidden cable that fits neatly inside. And its Mineral Ash Black finish is specifically designed to match your Series 9 notebook.

Use it, share it, keep it

The stylish ODD is compatible with all Samsung notebooks so it will continue delivering a powerful performance when you upgrade to your next Samsung notebook or netbook. It also provides the added convenience that you can share it with your friends or work colleagues, knowing it will work without any hassles.

Enjoy ODD performance on-the-go

Forget the hassles of trying to find a power source on the go. Enjoy USB-powered convenience using the hidden cable to connect the ODD to your PC. So whether you are on a train, sitting in the park or just without a power source, the USB 2.0 connection means your ODD’s always ready to perform.