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Our latest notebook is the ultimate tool for mobile professionals. With the extreme power of the latest Intel® Core™ processor and up to 750GB HDD and 4GB memory, users can get things done quickly and efficiently. While a flexible range of ports, an ergonomic keyboard and anti-reflective screen ensure effortless usability, business users can work productively wherever they are.

Built for Speed

Users can work more quickly and efficiently with a range of the latest third generation Intel® Core™ processors, with up to 750GB HDD and 4GB memory. Take advantage of faster browsing and improved performance in Microsoft Office, with significantly enhanced response times even from the most demanding applications

Fully Expandable Ports

Rapidly exchange data with any external device at up to 5Gbps using a USB 3.0 port. This works at speeds 10 times faster than normal. Furthermore, an HDMI port and VGA port allow business users to connect easily to a large screen monitor whenever a larger viewing area is required.

The Key to Easier Use

The device features a high-quality, ergonomic keyboard with a Fn lock key and enhanced arrow layout. For the 15.6-inch model, a convenient numeric keypad is also available. It is designed to enable mobile business users to concentrate on the task in hand without distractions or discomfort. Its user-friendly design includes isolated keys with optimised spacing for maximum comfort and improved cleanliness.

Anti-Reflective Screen

The anti-reflective LED screen displays pin-sharp images under all lighting conditions. Wherever they are, whether outside in the sunshine or indoors under bright lights, business users will benefit from comfortable, high-quality viewing. The screen's matt surface has no mirror effect, reducing visual fatigue and enabling workers to stay productive for longer.

Easy Settings - Easy to Manage

Easy Settings is an integrated set of software programmes that enables business users to easily control all the computer's key functions, saving time and improving efficiency. With an intuitive, graphical dashboard, one click is all it takes to find the right program and check or change the settings.


A Trusted Brand

Through a dedication to quality, performance, technology, design and service, we have risen to become one of the fastest-growing PC vendors in the world. This has also helped us become the world's largest electronics company

Worry-Free Service

At Samsung, we are committed to providing the best, most timely customer service in the industry, and we are proud to be recognised as a leader in this field by a number of publications

Unrivalled Product Quality

We manufacture the majority of our laptop components, thereby guaranteeing their world-class standard. Our rigorous quality assurance programme and ISO-certified manufacturing process also ensure that only the very best products make it to the customer.

Better Performance and Better Technology

Our Samsung PC products are continually being celebrated by the world’s media for their outstanding performance. This includes “Product of the Year” awards from Wired (US), Mikro PC (Finland) and PC World (China and Poland).