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The Samsung Series 9 is designed to meet the rigorous, ever-changing demands of our business and travel users. Tailored precisely with their requirements in mind, this notebook brings together a broad range of innovative features to ensure that users can work effectively at any time wherever they are in the world. These include an extremely fast start-up function, a long-lasting battery and a dependable solid-state drive (SSD) with an impressive boot-up time. All of this is housed in a highly elegant, sophisticated notebook that is bound to enhance the professional image of business users as it helps them work more efficiently on the move.

Elegant Craftsmanship Alongside Powerful Technology

The Samsung Series 9 is one of the lightest and thinnest notebooks available. Its sturdy exterior design features a sleek aluminium surface and a durable cover. A state-of-the-art Intel® Core processor offers optimised handling of a range of business IT tasks. The solid-state drive (SSD) hard disk functions with lower power consumption whilst improving performance. The SSD boots up 60 per cent faster than a standard hard disk drive (HDD), and thereby decreases power usage and accelerates data access.

Improve Usability with Display Features

This notebook includes our innovative SuperBright screen technology, offering 400 nit luminance for a truly magnificent picture quality. The screen clearly displays the true colours and sharpened details of websites and graphics. They are specifically designed to cope with glare and reflections, meaning that business users can work efficiently on the move even in direct sunlight.

Superior Multi-Touch ClickPad

Ease of use is enhanced with the new Samsung multi-touch ClickPad. This feature has a glass coating and image sensor, meaning the cursor remains steady and in clear view all the time. It is located in the centre of the palm rest, and supports 12 types of touch gesture, including pinch, swipe and rotate.

Easy One-Click Control

Professionals can optimise the performance of this notebook with Samsung Easy Settings, a feature which allows users to bypass their PC's Control Panel. This service provides one-click access using keyboard shortcuts to adjust settings and carry out simple functions, giving users greater control. It also unifies all Samsung utilities and software, letting users save time and money by aligning their notebook with other mobile devices.

Project a Professional Image

The slim, elegant design of the Samsung Series 9 ensures that users leave a favourable impression in any working environment. Sleek, ultra-thin and highly aerodynamic, this notebook marks out those who carry it as cutting-edge, technical enthusiasts. The stunning look of this notebook is designed to inspire a new wave of business users.

Auto-Adjusting Screen Brightness and Backlit Keyboard

The Samsung Series 9 provides business users with a comfortable, convenient workplace wherever they are. Its screen and backlit keyboard automatically adjust to the surrounding light conditions using an auto-sensor. This provides optimum brightness for an enhanced user experience, ensuring extreme ease of use even in particularly dark or bright environments.

Samsung Fast Start™

Users can work even more efficiently thanks to the convenient “instant on” feature. Fast Start™ wakes this notebook from sleep in as few as 1.4 seconds. This innovative hybrid mode combines the fast start-up ability of sleep with the stability of hibernation. With Fast Start™, business users do not have to waste valuable time waiting for their notebooks to get ready.

* Speed will vary depending on the CPU and SSD configurations, applications used and wireless settings.

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A Trusted Brand

Through a dedication to quality, performance, technology, design and service, we have risen to become one of the fastest-growing PC vendors in the world. This has also helped us become the world's largest electronics company.

Better Performance and Better Technology

Our Samsung PC products are continually being celebrated by the world’s media for their outstanding performance. This includes “Product of the Year” awards from Wired (US), Mikro PC (Finland) and PC World (China and Poland).

Unrivalled Product Quality

We manufacture the majority of our laptop components, thereby guaranteeing their world-class standard. Our rigorous quality assurance programme and ISO-certified manufacturing process also ensure that only the very best products make it to the customer.

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At Samsung, we are committed to providing the best, most timely customer service in the industry, and we are proud to be recognised as a leader in this field by a number of publications.