Bring colour into your work life with Samsung's striking CLP-680ND colour printer. Its unique ReCP technology and special polymerised toner promise to produce high quality and crisp printouts. Moreover, its easy operating panel and convenient USB usage make it simple to understand and use.

Enjoy quality printouts

Samsung’s unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) Technology and Up to 9600x600 dpi effective output improve the overall quality and vibrancy of your colour printing, ensuring every printout looks perfect. It automatically sharpens the focus of both graphics and text, while solid objects are overlapped to eliminate white gaps

Polymerized toner

Our newly developed polymerized toner has smaller and more uniform particles than conventional toner. Your printouts will have crisper lines and more vivid colours, in addition to eliminating paper curling. Also, its higher wax content improves the image gloss and enhances the durability preventing unwanted fading.

Low Power Consumption

With the CLP-680ND, users can enjoy professional productivity while staying in complete control of their TCO. Our specially developed higher-yield cartridges result in more time between changes and less expense with each print out, with 6,000 and 3,500 pages for black/white and colour cartridges respectively. Costs can be cut further thanks to the integrated duplex feature, saving up to 50% on your paper consumption. The Eco button and the smart eco driver functions make it easier to save energy, and the integrated result simulator even lets you monitor how much CO2, power and paper you have saved.

Low cost, low impact on the world

The CLP-680ND lets businesses operate more efficiently and economically than ever, saving on toner, paper and energy while continuing to produce vibrant, colourful and professional results. Despite its impressive list of features and functions, the CLP-680ND consumes less energy than most of its competitors. Its innovative polymerised toner requires lower fusing temperatures, and its instant fusing technology saves warm-up time before first print, increasing your productivity while saving you time. In addition, our new dual-core processor makes it one of the greenest devices around today.

Professional colour printing made easy for you_Easy Operating Paner

With the CLP-680ND you can increase your entire workgroup’s workflow with a range of easy-to-use features and ingenious time-saving support software that helps free you to work smarter and faster.

* Easy operating panel
With the CLP-680ND's 4 line liquid crystal display and intuitive 5 key compass navigation you can control the device's status, browse the menu and access all the time-saving, money-saving features in comfort.

Professional colour printing made easy for you_Secure, confidential printing

The CLP-680ND lets you increase your entire organisation’s workflow with a range of easy-to-use features and ingenious time-saving support software that help free you to work smarter and faster. Should you need to print sensitive data through your device, you can now ensure confidential print jobs remain confidential. By entering a password on the convenient user interface, you can retrieve and control a print job at your convenience, keeping documents away from any prying eyes. The integrated numeric keypad makes this process easier and more secure than ever.

Speedy and flexible paper handling

In any working environment, refilling paper and resolving jams can cause unwanted delays. The CLP-680ND solves these problems by offering up to three different media types, a 50 page multipurpose tray and a 250 and 520 sheet cassette, providing a total paper input capacity of 820 sheets. Should you need to print or copy onto heavier weights of paper, it is robust enough to handle up to 220g/m2 with ease. The CLP-680ND enhances your business with speedy, flexible and high-quality printing.

Get the right result before printing

The Samsung Easy Colour Manager is an intuitive printing software solution that allows you to move and resize any image and adjust its colour balance, saturation, brightness and contrast prior to printing. It lets you select and grab the precise image you want to print, helping your business save on toner and paper costs

Network Ready

With amazing Samsung Mobile Printing solution, you don’t have install any drivers to your mobile devices. Simply Just Install Samsung Mobile Print application on your mobile devices, and you can print

Professional colour printing made easy for you_Convenient USB printing

You can boost the productivity of your business with a convenient, low-maintenance printer, and the CLP-680ND provides just that opportunity with its extensive features. With the Direct USB slot located at the front just below the operating panel, you can print from a USB key straight from the device, without the need of a computer, essentially bringing a PC performance to your printer. This feature also benefits those needing to scan images or documents, as the results can be saved and transferred more easily than ever.

More power, higher productivity

The CLP-680ND's 533 MHz Dual CPU is the new colour laser printer that brings more power and higher productivity to your workspace. It offers speed and economy without compromising on quality. With 512MB standard memory, expanding up to 1GB, it is the ideal colour printer for a wide range of businesses. You can increase your entire workgroup’s print flow with a range of easy-to-use features and convenient time-saving support software that helps your business operate faster and more efficiently

Easy Eco Driver

The printer also brings you software support designed to put you in control of delivering ultimate quality printouts easier than ever before.

* Easy Eco Driver
Easy Eco Driver helps you compile digital documents in multiple formats and makes it easy to share them with others - even through social networks.

Take the stress out of print management

The Easy Printer Manager lets you manage all your devices from one location for maximum control. This allows you to monitor toner status, change device settings or even set up alerts through email, considerably reducing the stress of having to deal with multiple projects simultaneously

Easy toner replacement

Gone are the days of fiddly, dirty and time-consuming toner cartridge changes. It’s all made easier with a push loading drawer. What’s more, the high yield cartridges mean fewer changes.

Product Configuration