Please note that the following terms and conditions must be carefully read prior to the signing of this receipt:

1. During the warranty period, Samsung official products shall subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement be repaired free of charge.

2. During the warranty period, no free of charge repair service shall be provided in the event of violation of terms and conditions in this Agreement, such as self repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, alternation, failure to comply with product manual, etc. In this case repair changes shall be separately quoted by the repair service center or no repairs service will be provided.

3. In addition to the necessary spare parts changes, a non-refundable service fee will be imposed in advance to all non-official products, out-of-warranty products or warranty label is broken or missing products. An official quotation will be notified by our repair center in due course.

4. All warranty will only be valid if the product was purchased in Hong Kong SAR or Macau SAR (Valid regional Product Warranty Card is attached in the product package).

5. Customer should retain and present the original invoice for every warranty service.

6. If the customer fails to present the original invoice, the products will be treated as non-warranty case.

7. All spare parts changed in products services by the repair service center shall be covered by one month from the date when the repairs are completed free warranty service (limited to same defect not caused by user).

8. All spare parts changed are non-refundable. All Data* stored in electronics products (included handsets, digital camera, MP3 player and notebook PC) may be lost or deleted after the repair and thus should be properly backup by the customers beforehand.

9. Under normal circumstances, accessories, such as battery, SIM card, SD card etc. shall not be kept by the repair service centers.

10. The repair service center shall not be responsible for any delay caused by the failure of communication with the customers. Customers please leave valid contact numbers in our records.

11. Customers shall collect their products within 3 months after being notified by the repair service centers. Otherwise, we shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to their products that left unclaimed after three months. If the products are not collected within 6 months from sure notifications, the service center shall have the right to dispose of the products at its own discretion and without any compensation.

12. The service order should be kept as proof for collection of products. In the case of loss of receipt and products being taken by others, it is not the responsibility of this repair service center. If no original receipt is provided, the service center shall have the right to refuse delivery of the product.

13. For products with invisible defects, if customers request to take back their products after inspection and repair quotation is made, the repair service center may not be able to restore the products back to the original defective status (including product frame, function and original defects.)

14. For products not covered by warranty, if customers are found to have violated their terms and conditions of the Repair Service Agreement (such as self-repairs, exposure to water, damage caused by misuse, etc.), no fixed charge repair service shall be given and separate quotation for defects in question shall be applied.

15. The service center shall have the right not to provide any written or oral report in relation to the repairing services or the defects of the products.

16. This repairing service only includes the hardware of the product, accessories such as earphones, connecting cables, compact discs and DVDs, etc are not included in the service.

17. Before delivering your product for warranty service please keep a separate backup copy of your information and disable any security passwords. All data will be deleted from the product during repairs. Samsung is not responsible or liable for any data stored on the product that is lost, deleted, or is otherwise inaccessible.

18. Samsung does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of the product, and is not under any obligation to support the product for all operating environments, including but not limited to, interoperability with all current and/or future versions of software or hardware.

19. The limited warranty does not apply to any non-Samsung hardware products or software.

20. Samsung reserves the right to interpret the Terms and Condition contained herein.

* All Costs must be paid by Hong Kong Dollars or Credit Cards.

** If customers do not receive any pick up notifications one week after the drop off date of the product, please contact Samsung Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited via telephone regarding the matter.

*** Data stored in handsets including Phone Book, SMS, MMS, Photo, Downloaded Graphic, Downloaded Ring Tone, Calendar, To Do List etc.