1 year local on-site warranty

SUR40 and all option SSB (Set-back box)

3 years local on-site warranty

All LFD products except the above mentioned.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchase which includes both labour and parts. Dead/black dot defect which does not exceed more than 7 dots are within factory specification and will only be repaired if exceed more than 7 dots.

The following items are Not Covered by this or any other warranty:

  • 1. batteries
  • 2. cables
  • 3. remote control
  • 4. external parts, such as parts, sockets, control buttons.
  • 5. plastic front and back casing or plastic folding base.

Zero Bright-Dot Warranty:

Applicable to selected models: 15", 17", 19", 20", 21", 22", 24" & 26" LCD Monitor. The models above offer Zero-Bright-Dot warranty (Red, Green, Blue and White). This warranty provides 7 days exchange service (Carry In) from the actual date of purchase. Warranty applies provided the product is handled properly for its intended use, in accordance with its operating and case instructions and upon registration of warranty.

Please take note that the normal warranty will resume after 3 days from date of exchange.

Bright Dot Defects

Bright dot defects appear as pixels that are always lit or "ON".

Black Dot Defects

Black dot defects appear as pixels that are always dark or "OFF".

ZBD Exchange Policy

For such exchange, the ZBD unit needs to be brought down to Samsung Customer Service Centers. Upon exchange, please produce this warranty card and record of purchase, i.e. sales invoice /receipt is required. Only unit with full accessories & box will be eligible for exchange. Unit without box or accessories will not be entertained.