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The e-Signature is a useful and convenient solution for a broad range of enterprises in the financial sector. It enables you to perform various marketing, account handling and trading processes via the GALAXY Note and S-Pen features. The e-Signature software allows you to sign e-contracts directly on your GALAXY Note, allowing you to be more productive and versatile when working on the move. It helps you reduce the cost and inconvenience of managing paper documents and increases efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing a real-time system for all insurance application processes.
Key Feature
Key Feature
This convenient tool helps you work efficiently and securely on your GALAXY Note by allowing you to sign off on documents remotely with a high-resolution, 300dpi S-Pen. You are able to select various colours and line widths to personalise your e-Signature, adding flexibility and originality to your document handling. The data is simply and quickly converted into a PDF or image format that can be sent on directly to clients. This solution is a convenient option for your business as it can be seamlessly integrated with existing security modules and SFA applications
Service Scenario
Service Scenario
The e-Signature solution is an ideal time-saving option for your business as it allows you to authenticate your signature directly and efficiently onto relevant documents via your GALAXY Note using a high-resolution S-Pen. You can sign any document on your GALAXY Note and even adapt the colour and the line width of your signature to personalise it further. You will then receive the completed form in PDF or image format, saving time and cutting operational costs. This enhances your business's green credentials by reducing paper waste.
• The Samsung e-Signature solution is a convenient tool that lets sales agents sign insurance application contracts directly, cutting out unnecessary delays

• As your customers are able to sign important business documents and conclude contracts remotely when buying financial products, transactions are slicker and more efficient

• This streamlined customer service solution cuts operational costs by avoiding the managing, storing and exchanging of paper documents