Purchasing Tips:

1. Energy Efficiency

The brand new RN405BRKA5K 6-door refrigerator boast incomparable energy efficiency at annual power consumption rates of 354kwh,
40% lower than the minimum standard of Energy Efficiency Label Grade 1.
2. Exceptional Freezing Capacity

The freezing capacity of Samsung refrigerators is exceptionally stronger than the ones with freezers of the same size. You can now store more foods, keep them fresh for longer period of time and enjoy life more conveniently!
*For details, please refers to EMSD website.

Practical elegance for the perfect space
The ground-breaking creation of SAMSUNG multi-door refrigerator
series strikes an optimal balance between home and space, offering
a spectacle of serenity.
Ideal position of Fresh Bin

Vegetables are essential to a healthy life style. Getting them out of traditional refrigerators involves much back bending given the position of the fresh bin. The revolutionary design of SAMSUNG’s multi-door refrigerator series lifts the fresh bin to the middle of the appliance, about one-metre above ground to make it easier for your healthy life style.
Perfect blending of compartments

The ideal exterior of SAMSUNG’s multi-door refrigerator series
combines sense and sensibility to blend perfectly into the fine details
of home-living. The doors are designed to open and close to radiate rich layers of both aesthetics and practicality.

Compressor advancements making refrigeration more efficient
Energy Efficient
10-Year Warranty
Samsung provides 10-Year Warranty guaranteeing long-life durability of Digital Inverter Compressor.
For 10-Year Warranty, improvement of component quality and optimal design were conducted. This enhanced Samsung technology extends durability without utilization of expensive components.
Excellent Freshness - food waste reduction

Effective RPM adjustment
improves humidity preservation
and prolongs quality and freshness
of food. It reduces a large amount
of food waste.
Minimal Noise

Digital Inverter Compressor
reduces perceptible noise by
4.5dB compared to conventional
AC and attains incredible
38.5dB*. Amazingly, the
reduction of 4.5dB will change
disturbing sound to peaceful and
stress-free sound.

*The data is measured by
laboratory testing. Actual noise
level may differ depending
on usage.

Cool Select Zone

Only Samsung's CoolSelect Zone™ provides you another freezer in the refrigerator compartment which sets the temperature low enough to allow medium-term storage for meat and other perishables.
Frozen Food
Ice Cream
Sliced Meat

Energy-saving LED lights
Double bottle racks

Two racks on the door for you to place different bottles separately.
LED lights in the refrigerator and the freezer save energy and enhance lighting, consuming 20 times less energy than ordinary light bulbs and generating heat 10 times less as well. Foods are protected from the damage of heat. In addition, LED lights also help you cut down on maintenance by lasting two times longer than ordinary light bulbs.
Spacious egg drawer

The spacious egg drawer provides not only more room for storing eggs, but also space for condiments or other small vessels.
Multi Flow

Cool air flows out through multiple outlets in every shelf level, providing steady and even cooling throughout the refrigerator. It even quickly returns the refrigerator environment back to the correct temperature when the door has been opened.
Classified hooks

For hanging bags of frozen foods by categories to save space, avoid mixing of foods and enable better organization.

Freshness-Enhancing Humidifier 90% +- 5% Humidity
Atomized humidification through ultrafine particles: high-frequency ultrasonic wave is used to decompose water into mist form of 1~10um ultrafine particles which is then spread to the air by a fan. This significantly increases the moisture level evenly for the humidity-preserving fresh bin.
Scheduled humidification: every 3 hours, 20 seconds of spray humidification is scheduled to control the humidity of the fresh bin constantly maintained as 90% +- 5%.

Automated Icemaker

Speedy ice-making for more convenience and less space.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.