Samsung’s Side by Side Refrigerator
Stay Fresh. Stay Cool.
Smart Thinking, Simple Living.
Samsung’s newest Side by Side Refrigerator delivers larger capacity by expanding the inner storage space within the same exterior dimensions. With Twin Cooling Plus, foods are kept chilled and better preserved that depicts the art of refrigeration.
Let Your Kitchen
Stand Out
“Create a beautiful, stylish kitchen space that stands out with the Samsung refrigerator RS6168 You won’t want to step out of the kitchen.”
More Space Inside, Same Dimensions Outside
With more space, you can store more and have more time to do what’s important to you.
Conventional refrigerator applied a thick insulation to minimize conductive heat flow. Therefore, the thick inner wall decreases the overall storage capability in contrast to its exterior dimensions.
Same Dimension, Bigger Space
Using an enhanced insulation technology, Samsung’s slimmer and stronger wall expands the inner storage space within the same exterior dimensions. All of your big and small items are well organized within easy reach.
Bigger or Longer, No Problem!
Need to store an extra large cake or a bulky turkey for a party? You can store bigger, bulkier items in the refrigerator and serve them at your convenience.
Energy Efficiency Standard ISO A++
Environmental protection has long been a core insight of Samsung Electronics. With the devotion of research and development on innovative technology, a range of Samsung products now meets the Energy Efficiency standard of ISO A++. In addition to the protection of our environment, it saves both energy and money for our users.
Compressor advancements making
refrigeration more efficient
10 Year Warranty
Samsung provides 10 Year Warranty guaranteeing long-life durability of Digital Inverter Compressor.
For 10 year warranty, improvement of component quality and optimal design were conducted. This enhanced Samsung technology extends durability without utilization of expensive components.
Energy Efficient
Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor accomplishes great energy saving and cuts down CO2 emission. It’s the smart solution to reduce energy expense and preserve green environment.
Excellent Freshness -
Food Waste Reduction
Effective rpm adjustment improves humidity preservation and prolongs quality and freshness of food. It reduces a large amount of food waste.
Minimal Noise
Digital Inverter Compressor reduces perceptible noise by 4.5 dB compared to conventional AC and attains incredible 38.5dB. Amazingly, the reduction of 4.5dB will change disturbing sound to peaceful and stress-free sound.
Conventional Cooling
Twin Cooling Plus
Twin Cooling Plus
Twin Cooling Plus is exclusively developed by Samsung. It controls and generates cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately with two independent evaporators and precise electronic control. Each compartment can be maintained at their optimal cooling conditions.
High humidity up to 75% vs conentional only 17%
No Mixing of Odors
The cool air does not travel across the freezer and the refrigeration compartments and this results in no mixing of odors.
Cool air flows at each shelf to provide steady chilling. Instant temperature control keeps your food fresh and flavorful longer.
LED Display & Control
Enhancing both design and ease-of-use, the divine LED display enables you to control the temperature and refrigerator modes conveniently.
Clear View Icemaker
This space-saving icemaker in the freezer door is see-through for an easy view of ice stored.
Spill-proof Shelves
The shelves are designed to handle any spills and allow easy clean up.
Tilt Can Carry
This flexible can holder even folds up to offer more space for taller bottles.
Freezer Star Rating
Top View
Dimension: 912mm(W) x 1780mm(H) x 768mm(D)
Depth(Excluding handles) : 718mm
Depth(Excluding door & handles) : 631mm
Multi Flow System
Clear View Icemaker
LED Tower Light
Twin Cooling Plus
LED Display ﹠ control
Quick Freezing
Dairy Bin
Water Filter
Tilt Can Carry
Wine Rack
Tempered Glass Shelves
Foldable Shelves
Spill-proof Shelves
10 Warranty
A++ Energy Efficiency
Freezer Star Rating
Made in Korea
Twin Cooking Plus
LED Lighting
LED Display

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.