Samsung’s RL52VEBIH1 premium, bottom-mounted refrigerator. It contains all of the advanced features you’ve come to expect from Samsung, such as an intuitive LCD touch screen, a customizable CoolSelect Zone feature, all wrapped in a sleek, modern design.

Clean Back

Usually the back of the fridge is the last thing you’d think of. Not for Samsung. They’ve even thought through how a clean, finished back will not only add to the beautiful design, but also enhance the convenience factor. Now you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of dust and debris, making it easier to clean and maintain.

Blue LED Display

The sophisticated blue LCD display graces the exterior of the refrigerator door with its state-of-the-art look, enhancing both usability and design. The easy-to-view display allows you to control the temperature and refrigerator modes, without ever having to open the fridge door.

Reversible Door

The RL52 is all about customization, even down to the door design. Now you can choose from two options for the way the door opens. So you no longer have to be concern whether or not the fridge will fit into your kitchen layout.

Multi Flow

With the Multi Flow feature, a stream of cool air flows through a series of vents located on every shelf level to create an evenly cooled environment. So the RL52/55 can maintain the ideal temperature keeping your foods fresher, longer.

Slim Tray

For those items that you just can’t find the right place for, why not try our Slim Tray. Designed for smaller foods, ice sandwiches or even ice trays, the Slim Tray is the perfect place to stash your favourite sweets or late-night snack.

10-Year Warranty

Samsung provides 10-Year Warranty guaranteeing long-life durability of Digital Inverter Compressor. For 10-Year Warranty, improvement of component quality and optimal design were conducted. This enhanced Samsung technology extends durability without utilization of expensive components.

Minimal Noise

Digital Inverter Compressor reduces perceptible noise by 4.5dB compared to conventional AC and attains incredible 38.5dB*. Amazingly, the reduction of 4.5dB will change disturbing sound to peaceful and stress-free sound.

*The data is measured by laboratory testing. Actual noise level may differ depending on usage.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.