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Samsung introduces the brand new refrigerator RT series with the Digital Inverter Compressor that comes with a long 10-year warranty. This series carrying an Energy Efficiency Label Grade 1 keeps your home quiet, energy efficient and eco-friendly.
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Energy Efficiency
The brand new RT series boast incomparable energy efficiency at annual power consumption rates as low as 197kWh , 56% lower than the minimum standard of Energy Efficiency Label Grade.
Energy Efficiency Standard ISO A++
Environmental protection has long been a core insight of Samsung Electronics. With the devotion of research and development on innovative technology, a range of Samsung products now meets the Energy Efficiency Standard of ISO A++. In addition to the protection of our environment, it saves both energy and money for our users.
A modern style Easy Handle features advanced method in door opening. Simply click on the button in the handle and it pushes the body, enabling an easy and effortless opening.
Openable at 90° door opening
MoistFresh Zone can fully extend out when the door is open only at 90°. This convenient feature allows to place the refrigerator in a small space or at the right corner where you can open the door only 90 °.
Compressor advancements making refrigeration more efficient
10-Year Warranty
Energy Efficient
Samsung provides 10-Year Warranty guaranteeing long-life durability of Digital Inverter Compressor. For 10-Year Warranty, improvement of component quality and
optimal design were conducted.
This enhanced Samsung technology extends durability without utilization of expensive components.
Excellent Freshness -
food waste reduction
Effective RPM adjustment improves humidity preservation and prolongs quality and freshness of food. It reduces a large amount of food waste.
Minimal Noise
Digital Inverter Compressor reduces perceptible noise by 4.5dB compared to conventional AC and attains incredible 38.5dB*. Amazingly, the reduction of 4.5dB will change disturbing sound to peaceful and stress-free sound.

*The data is
measured by
laboratory testing.
Actual noise level
may differ
depending on usage.
MoistFresh Zone™
Samsung's exclusive MoistFresh Zone with its perfect-fit design eliminates the gaps existing in conventional crispers. The tight-sealed drawer maintains optimal humidity with conduction cooling technology.
Multi Flow
Cooling air flows out through multiple outlets at every shelf level to maintain optimal temperatures to keep food fresh longer.
Silver Plus Deodorizer
Deodorizing Filter - Has a natural fiber filter and deodorizing filter to eliminate food smell and bacteria that changes the original smell of groceries.
No Frost
Samsung’s no frost models will not build up any frost, so users never have to worry about defrosting their re-frigerator again.
This specially designed shelf that can slide out enables a more efficient organization where one can easily store and takeout food, while reducing unused space inside.
A wider and deeper Big Guard can store big and tall bottles easily, enabling to enjoya big bottle of beverage for a long period of time or to store more and various beverages.
Eco LED Lighting
The LED lighting illuminates with bright light to easily locate the items in the fridge. It emits 10 times less heat than conventional bulb lighting so your food stay fresh for a long time. The semi-permanent LED lighting is 20 times more efficient of the energy to save your money.
Twist Icemaker
A simple twist, that is all you need pop the ice cubes out.
Tempered Glass Shelves
Samsung's exclusive MoistFresh Xone with this perfect-fit design eliminates the gaps existing in conventional crispers. The tightsealed drawer maintains optimal humidity with conduction cooling technology.
Charcoal Silver
(Apply to RT22FARAD
(SA/SH) only)
Titanium Silver
Moist Fresh Zone
Multi Flow System
No frost
ECO LED Lighting
Easy slide out
Silver Plus Deodorizer
Egg Tray
Twist Icemaker
Guard Ret Upp.
(Apply to RT25FARAC/D only)
Freezer Star Rating
Energy Efficiency Labeling
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