The premium wine cellar furnished with upgraded multi-technology, larger capacity, and prestigious design.

Constant-temperature Cooling System

Maintaining optimal temperate zone (3 to 18 degrees Celsius) for white and red wines. Integrated electronic control system; precise temperature control.

Humidity Adjustment System

Maintain the optimal humidity level.
: keep 55~75% of humidity
** When humidity gets low and dry, a cork of the wine also gets dry reducing its size. And if the humidity is too high, then unneeded fungus prosper.

Three layers UV protection coating door

Three layers UV protection coating door to protect against direct sun light or lamp light

Clean Back

Slim and elegant design, flat back, and changeable door direction. Eliminating Build Up of Dust & Debris, no Hassle with Cleaning

Digital Display

- LED display and control
- LED inner lighting

Vibration reduction design

Vibration reduction to protect the wines from external vibrations.

Minimal design

- Integration with kitchen cabinet
- Door lock and key lock
- 5 upper racks; and 1 lower rack

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.