Classic Series
With 360oswivel hose, makes cleaning so flexible and convenient.
360oSwivel Hose
Suction Power
Motor Power
Remote Control Handle
2-Step Brush
Made in Korea
360o Swivel Hose
Pet Brush*
Linen Brush*
Parquet Master*
- Ideal solution for picking up pet carpet
  and various types of floors.
- Detachable drum for easier maintenance.
- Air driven turbo specialized for bed.
- It prevents linen from being stuck
  to the brush and helps more effcient
  and easier vacuuming.
- 330 mm wide for fast suction.
- Soft guard and rollers for easy
  moving and no scratching.
Auto Cord Rewinder On Handle
The ergonomic design of the carrying handle is also used for convenient auto cord rewinder.
Samsung Dust Bag
The large capacity of the Samsung 4.3L-Dust bag allows a longer intervals between the dust disposal.
Samsung Dust Bag
New 2-in-1 Accessory
Crevice Brush + Dusting Brush are built in one. Handle held accessories enable fingertip control, so you can clean anywhere without changing the brush.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.