At the end of a busy day the last thing you need is to do battle with a host of cleaning products - you just need one tool that does the job it's designed for. With Samsung's new range of vacuum cleaners there's a model to suit everyone's needs. Samsung's Twin Chamber System vacuum cleaner gives you the peace of mind that there will be constant suction power to ensure you get the job done.

Two Chambers, Double the Clean.

Samsung’s unique Twin Chamber System™ divides the normal dust chamber into two compartments, allowing for improved cleaning and longer lasting power. As the powerful suction circulates dust particles through the cyclonic air path of the inner chamber, the dirt and debris are separated from the air. As a result, the larger dust particles are filtered into the outer chamber until you’re ready to dispose of them. Which also means Samsung’s Twin Chamber vacuums don’t require wasteful, messy, and costly replacement bags.

Three simple steps are all you need.

Emptying the bin after vacuuming can be the least pleasant part of your cleanup. Not with Samsung’s Easy-to-Empty dust bins. Three simple steps are all it take to finish the job. Just press a button, pull out the dust bin, and pour with a simple flick of your wrist. No hassle, no spills, just a cleaner room made easy.

Attracetive Design

.Simple and reasonable detail
.Attractive seamless track line
.Eye-catching cover edge with silver deco line, look like eclipse
.Snap Button Styling, Combination Color, Minimal Round Shape, Tidy & Compact
.Color Strategy (Grade)

Lifetime Washable pre-motor filter

Specially designed and embossed foam filter offers longer usage & easy washing.

Save Money Save Effort

One big problem of conventional vacuum cleaner with dust bag is that the user should keep buying new dust bags to change. But Twin Chamber System™ makes you don’t need to spend extra effort to find and buy the right dust bags for your vacuum cleaner anymore.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.