Enjoy an exceptional wash performance from a machine built with a Digital Inverter Motor, designed for energy saving and quiet operation, with a 10-year extended warranty to support its long lifespan. Ecobubble Technology from Samsung creates lots of rich bubbles by dissolving detergent for quick penetration into the fabrics for a superior wash. Rest assured that it’ll take great care of your clothes while saving energy and water for you.
Digital Inverter Brushless Motor guarantees low abrasion and high-energy efficiency by using permanent energy from magnet utilization. So it works without an additional power supply and does not require carbon brushes.
Digital Inverter Motor extends its durability by reducing abrasion through the brushless structure.
Samsung guarantees
a 10-year warranty
and ensure the
washing machine
lasts longer.
The Digital Inverter Motor works without brush, providing higher efficiency and durability while delivering powerful performance. Digital Inverter Motor was designed to optimize energy efficiency.
Samsung has always been supportive in energy-saving. All Samsung washing machines are in line with Grade 1 Energy Label to reduce energy consumption and financial cost, helping to build a greener world.
Brushless Motor reduces noise and vibration, ensuring a quiet and peaceful environment.
Samsung’s ecobubble technology produces rich and fine bubbles by mixing water, detergent and air, allowing detergent to be distributed evenly and penetrated deeply into fabric, saving your time and money. At the same time, maximizing the performance of washing machines like you’ve never experienced before!
Pre-washing or washing in hot temperatures offer better cleaning results, but could add extra tumbling time or heat demage to fabrics, which is especially harsh for your favorite delicates like silk, wool and outdoor garments. The bubble generator creates a detergent infused bubble cushion during the washing cycle which dissolves deep into fabrics more quickly than normal, aiding wash performance in milder washing temperatures.
The special bubbles penetrate deeper and dissolve faster from the beginning of the cycle. With ecobubble™, the entire washing process can be shortened to 48min while delivering same cleaning performance.
With Samsung’s Eco Drum Clean one touch function, all the detergent residue and dirt in the tub, diaphragm and door glass will be removed by rapidly spinning 70ºC hot water without using special chemical detergent.
The design of the Diamond Drum is embossed with holes that are located deep within each diamond-shaped depression. Fabrics don't catch in the cubic drum and are subsequently not damaged. The water collected in the embossed pattern creates the perfect environment for gentle but effective washing of cloths.
Samsung washing machine offers a easy way of boil wash and removes all harmful germs efficiency. Your precious one always deserves to be protected.
Divine LED display & soft touch jog dial offer easy monitoring and control of functions.
With this great wash program, you can freely select the wash cycle from 15 to 60 minutes.
You can pre-set the end time as long as 19 hours later and the washing machine will determine start time base on the washing program selected.
Everyone has their own individual style of washing. With Samsung's My Cycle function, you'll be free from frequently reset functions as you need them. The washing machine memorizes your favorite cycles including temperature, spin, soil level, and any other of your favorite options so you can recall your settings by simply pressing the My Cycle button.
Efficient and Durable
Energy Efficiency
High Efficient
Excellent Durability with
10-Year Warranty
Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Label
Minimal Noise
Wash Smart, Save Energy
What is ecobubble Technology?
Milder Washing Temperatures,
Protect Your Clothes
Save Time, Detergents Penetrate Fabrics Faster Than Normal
Eco Drum Clean
Diamond Drum™ Washing with Gentle
Baby Care, Protect Your Beloved One
Stylish Control Panel with
Joy Dial
Timed Wash
Delay End
My Cycle Records Your Washing Habit

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.