What is Eco Storm Technology?
Save 37% more water while washing fabrics better
Samsung's new Eco Storm Technology generates powerful water currents with Twist pulsators. ECO Storm can save 37% more water while delivering unbeatable cleanliness and provide extra care to your fabrics.

How is the STORM created?

Outer Powerful Storm: The height of the pulsator blade is higher
than in conventional machines, so the stronger spin of the motor and higher blade creates more powerful washing performance.
Inner Care Storm: Clothes are spun 360 degrees with a 10mm
slanted center pulsator during washing to prevent unnecessary entanglement.
Eco Water Saver: Forms big waterfalls for a beating effect and
better rinsing with less water.
Diamond Board: Removes stubborn stains on fabrics easier and
makes rinsing water work more effectively.
How does Eco Storm improve your wash?
Saves Water

The twist pulsators wash your clothes perfectly and thoroughly, so you don't have to rinse your laundry repeatedly, saving you 37% more water.

Creates Powerful Laundry Action

With Eco Storm's powerful water current from two different pulsators and Diamond Washboard, stubborn dirt and greasy stains can be removed easily while leaving less detergent residue on your fabrics. Overall washing performance has been upgraded by 110% compared to conventional washing systems.

Cares More for Your Fabrics

The Inner Care Storm generates multi-directional waves to prevent laundry from twisting and tangling together, resulting in less damage to clothing.
The uniquely designed holes of the drum are deeply embossed with diamond shapes that create the perfect environment for gentle but effective washing. Fabrics don't get caught in the cubic drum and are subsequently undamaged.

Keep clothes looking new with Diamond Drum

Samsung's diamond-shaped embossed drum provides powerful washing performance with outstanding fabric care. Water exit holes are much smaller compared to conventional drums, which reduces the chances of delicate clothes snagging on the holes.

Protects fabric from being snagged
Prolonged care for delicate or fragile clothes
Deep clean results with gentle washboard effect

Protects fabrics against dirt and bacteria

Magic Filter

Samsung's Magic Filter is coated with Photocatalysts which are proven to eliminate harmful substances such as organic compounds or bacteria when exposed to the sun or fluorescent lamps.
It also guarantees better collection of lint when the water level is low because the filter is located lower than those found on conventional washing machines.
It helps to keep your fabrics and the washing tub perfectly hygienic.

Eco Clean Tub

Samsung's Eco Clean Tub is specially designed to remove dirt and biofilm in the tub without special chemical detergents. It keeps the drum extremely clean by soaking and spinning only without hot water.

* Only available for WA90GPXEQ

Extra feature add convenience and improve durability

Automatic Last Setting for Greater Convenience

Samsung's Last Setting automatically memorizes the settings you last used so you can reuse them without resorting to complicated settings and controls.

* Only available for WA90GPXEQ

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