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Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
+ For reference only, please check with our staff for details.
▲ Actual available memory for end user usage may vary due to pre-configuration. The pre-configuration includes preloaded operating system and applications.
- Images are for reference only
- Storage capacity representation: The capacity of the storage device (HDD, SSD) of the manufacturer is calculated assuming that 1KB=1,000 Bytes. However, the operating system (Windows) calculates the storage device capacity assuming that 1KB=1,024 Bytes, and therefore the capacity representation of the HDD in Windows is smaller than the actual capacity due to the difference in capacity calculation. For example, for a 80GB HDD, Windows represents the capacity as 74.5GB, 80x1,000x1,000x1,000 byte/(1,024x1,024x1,024)byte=74.505GB. In addition, the capacity representation in Windows may be even smaller because some programs such as Recovery may reside in a hidden area of the HDD. Memory capacity representation: The memory capacity reported in Windows is less than the actual capacity of memory. This is because BIOS or a video adapter uses a portion of memory or claims it for further use. For example, for 1GB(=1,024MB) memory installed, Windows may report the capacity as 1,022MB or less.
- Actual battery life may vary depending on application usage, settings, features or tasks selected, network configuration, operating temperature and many other factors.