R01 R0101 hk_en 05016000 AA-RD8NMKD/MY
  • AA-RD8NMKD 1 Front blackAA-RD8NMKDPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_005_Front_black?$L1-Gallery$hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_005_Front_black30002000370370#00000015963049
  • AA-RD8NMKD 2 Keyboard Left blackAA-RD8NMKDPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_006_Keyboard-Left_black?$L1-Gallery$hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_006_Keyboard-Left_black30002000370370#00000015963058
  • AA-RD8NMKD 3 Dynamic1 blackAA-RD8NMKDPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_007_Dynamic1_black?$L1-Gallery$hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_007_Dynamic1_black30002000370370#00000015963064
  • AA-RD8NMKD 4 Top blackAA-RD8NMKDPhttp://images.samsung.com/is/image/samsung/hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_008_Top_black?$L1-Gallery$hk-en_AA-RD8NMKD-MY_008_Top_black30002000370370#00000015963074
AA-RD8NMKD Front black

Enjoy the best of all worlds

When you have an ATIV smart PC you also need a smart keyboard. Samsung’s Keyboard Dock is ultra slim and light, and also features a touchpad, 2 USB ports and full size keyboard with isolated keys for effortless typing. And because it quickly snaps on it’s easy to transform the way you get things done.

General Specification

    Ports: 2 USB 2.0 Ports

    Keys: 80/81

    Key Type: Island Type

    Touch Pad: 85.6 X 48.1mm

    Size (W x L x H ): 304 x 189.4 x 23.4mm

    Weight: 714.5g

    Interface: POGO Interface

    Color: Black