Announcement for Consumables Discontinuance

The consumables as shown below will be discontinued on and so that we recommend you to purchase these
consumables before they are discontinued.
Consumables Related printers and multifunctions Date

ML+5000D5, ML-5000D3

ML-5000D5, ML-5000D6

ML-5000, ML-5000A, ML-5000AC, ML-5000AD, ML-5000G, ML-5000GC,

ML-5050G, ML-5050GC, ML-5052G, ML-5055G,
ML-5100A, ML-5200AC, ML-5300AI,
MLE-5000, MLE-5100

June 2009


ML-5200, ML-5200A, ML-5200AI

ML-C800(C), ML-C810(E),

ML-C810(J), ML-C810R,

ML+85D2, ML-68D6,

DEVE-8, DEVE-605, TONER-605

ML-5300A, ML-5300AC,

ML-68AG, ML-68AGM, ML-68H, ML-68HGA, ML-85, ML-85D, ML-85G,


SF-5800D5, CF-5800D5, SF-5805D5

CF-5800, CF-5800P, CF-5800S, CF-5800SC,
SF-5800I, SF-5800PI, SF-5800PIR

INK-M85, INK-C85

SCX-1220, MJC-4000, MJC-5000, MJC-6000

July 2009

* Please note that it may also be difficult to receive after-sales service because cartridges will be limited in stock or not available after they   are discontinued.