Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE
Brimming with great ideas, you can now scribble your thoughts and freely express your creativity. The all-new Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE combines functionality, creativity and portability to offer an amazing cross-media experience. Sketch out a concept, watch a movie and read a book on your GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE. Capture your inspirations and make them come to life with this superb device!
Reading Mode
E-reading makes more comfort and convenience
GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE can carry all your favorite e-books. S Pen will also make it a breeze for you to jot a note, annotate and highlight key phrases, with everything neatly aligned for your reading comfort. When Reading Mode is activated, the screen’s brightness and screen contrast will be automatically adjusted to reduce the strain on your eyes. It’ll stay illuminated so long as you do not gaze away.
General Mode display
Select ‘Reading Mode’
Reading Mode display
Smart Stay
Multitasking and calls simultaneously
For a perfect experience on-the-go
GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE is powerfully equipped with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM and supports an ultra-fast 4G LTE to unleash your spectacular creativity!
4G LTE Network
GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE supports not only calling functions but also multitasking simultaneously through Multi Window and Popup Play, for you to handle your everyday needs onscreen in one go.
Voice and Video chats
Popup Play
Multi Window
S Pen and S Note
Give your creativity an incredible boost
Creative inspirations can be elusive so hold on to them while you can. GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE’s S Pen and S Note enable you to write, draw and clip a graphic image anytime and anywhere. They can also help you post photos, create notes and messages bearing your signature style. Through Quick Command, you can use S Pen to unlock preset applications and functions, with ease and convenience.
S Note
Photo Note
S Planner
Record your daily life with a GALAXY Note 8.0 LTE! S Planner will let you plan your everyday schedule! Or use S Pen to make sketches, complete with lovely stickers and memos, to put down your thoughts in writing.
Awesome Note
Awesome Note integrates your diary, work memos and travel blog much like a personal assistant.
AllShare Cast
AllShare Cast enables several smart devices capable of supporting Wi-Fi Direct to connect wirelessly, for sharing movies, music and playing games with your friends.
Learning Hub
Interactive educational platform for users of all age groups
Subscribers can easily download various interactive educational materials, along with practical tools including notes, interactive Q & A and learning progress charts, for an excellent and easy learning experience.
Readers Hub
Multifunctional e-reading platform
With the latest bestselling e-books from Hong Kong and around the world, Readers Hub’s array of e-reading functions, such as bookmarks, journals and personalized settings, brings you an exciting reading experience.
Brand new app for cross-media movie viewing
clickplay lets you play or buy HD or SD Hollywood movies, BBC documentaries and children’s educational programmes from a single account on your mobile device.
Samsung Apps – exclusive movie viewing offers for subscribers
Free enjoyment of selected children’s educational programmes within Samsung Zone*
First-time subscription will be awarded 30 points for movie viewing ( one free movie viewing)
First-time purchase of 100 points will be awarded an additional 100 points
*Offer is valid until 30 June, 2013
Exclusive download and free first-month trial subscription
For a monthly fee, subscribers are offered unlimited downloads of Chinese magazines and comics from this platform, the largest of its kind in Asia, including “East Touch”, “yes!”, “:East Week,” “Fashion& Beauty”, “PCMarket”, “GAMESTATION”, “Crayon Shin-chan” and others.
Okidscan’s educational games series
This 3Piggy “《You are No. 1》” game covers languages, science, math, art, culture and general knowledge. In this game, your knowledge of everything under the sun will be put to the test. Rise to the challenge!
Best Children’s Interactive Story Books Series
Samsung Apps has set up a “children” category, to specially provide apps for kids such as Dr. Seuss Interactive Books Series from OmBook; Robocar Poli game – Jumping Poli and various interesting English-language educational movies such as PocoyoTV and Hutos, for your downloading.
Hong Kong Property Services – Property Services App
All-new function that provides Hong Kong’s residential market and property information, enabling users to find property-related data and property agents.
RTHK Prime
Showcasing selected RTHK programme content, the app’s brand new interface layout facilities easier browsing and downloading of video content for viewing, anytime and anywhere.
Hong Kong Economic Times- electronic edition
Browse the entire publication of Hong Kong Economic Times to view its news content, “Money Times” magazine and “Property Times” magazine online or offline.
Hong Kong School Network
Check out the entire school network of Hong Kong from its various districts, including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special needs schools.
Samsung Apps is already preloaded onto your smartphone. Sign in and download selected applications right now.
ChatON - free social networking app
ChatON is available in mobile, tablet, computer and website versions, whereby a single account under your name can be accessed from all your devices, bearing the same friends’ list and chat list for you to send and receive messages to and from your friends simultaneously. Using S Pen, you can also send anicons from AniMessage to give your friends pleasant surprises on ChatON.
A large collection of Anicons and chat room backgrounds is available for free downloading, letting you express your moods at the moment vividly!
Visit and enter its website to ChatON in sync with your mobile device
Original accessories
Book Cover
S Pen
Adjustable Vehicle Dock
Stand Pouch
Bluetooth S Pen
Portable Charger