Content Gifts
Samsung Apps
Samsung App offers a selection of the greatest apps, plus over HK$900 worth of content and service offerings for GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) users to experience the smart, exciting lifestyle made possible by the device they possess.
Music database with over 1,500,000 Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean pop hits and high-resolution MVs.
14-day free trial and exclusive subscription special
Angry Birds Star Wars 2
With its Star War prequel setting, the game becomes so much more thrilling to play using S-Pen.
1,000 game tokens will be awarded upon completion of the first stage
Sketchbook for Galaxy
Hugely popular sketching app for you to create artistic masterpieces.
Free downloading
Oxford Advanced Learner's A-Z
Instantly check the meanings of over 180,000 words.
Free downloading
NYTimes for Android
Browse real-time news reports from New York Times on a variety of topics.
Free 12-week trial upon subscription
Retrieve photos, documents, movies and files easily anytime, anywhere on Cloud.
48GB of Cloud Storage Service for additional two years
Besides the preloaded apps, other apps must be downloaded from Samsung Apps for the same offer to be enjoyed. Offer is subject to the related terms and conditions. For details, please refer to