GALAXY Tab 3 8.0
Lighter and thinner… beyond compare
Exceptionally slim with an exceptionally wide screen display. Both the attributes can only be found in GALAXY Tab 3 8.”Given such compact dimensions, you can hold the device in a palm while on the move.
Awesome features for an impactful sensory experience
Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 creates a powerful sensory experience
Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 is driven by a 1.5GHz dual-core processor to reward you with an unhindered, superfast operating experience. An enhanced screen display is another feature added to make the colours more brilliant and the images, distinctly sharper.

Sound Alive and Dolby Surround have also been incorporated to optimize every sound and let you enjoy a more balanced volume, amid a sensational multimedia experience.

*Sound Alive mainly supports audio and Dolby Surround, primarily video.

Great intelligence… behind a flawless multimedia experience
Enjoy multifunctional features in a single device
GALAXY Tab 3 8” comes with a call function and gives you diverse pleasure with its Multi window and Pop up play features. Chat with a buddy, browse the web or send and receive emails. You can do all this, while playing a video anywhere on the same screen. Multitasking has never been more thrilling.
“Reading Mode” will automatically adjust the screen’s brightness and contrast level to provide you with a more comfortable reading experience.
“Group Play” lets you easily share music, games and file content with friends.
Original Accessories
Book Cover
Portable Charger
Stand Pouch
Bluetooth Headset
Adjustable Vehicle Dock
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