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Live Large
HD Screen

Samsung’s new GALAXY MEGA delivers a mobile experience that’s larger than life! As slim as a smartphone and as functional as a mini tablet, this super gadget combines the best of both worlds and packs unprecendented mobile intelligence into your hands. The 6.3” mega-sized HD Super Clear LCD screen is a feast for your eyes when viewing photos and videos. You’ll be especially amazed by the screen size when multi-tasking on the go. Live large with GALAXY MEGA!
Mega-sized screen takes you to new horizons.
The optimized interface of GALAXY MEGA allows a fully landscaped display of the main menu and the app line-up. When the phone is horizontally held, the screen will automatically adjust to take full advantage of the 6.3” big screen for a smooth and impressive viewing experience.
Multi Window
Video Playing
Instant Messaging
Multi-tasking is made a breeze.
When it comes to on-the-go multi-tasking, screen size shouldn’t limit what you can achieve. True multi-tasking is enabled by the enormous screen and the handy Multi Window feature. Without interrupting operations already in progress, two application screens can be juxtaposed, swapped or adjusted in size for optimal experiences in work and entertainment – all happening on one single widescreen.
Touching your life with photo creativity.
Your GALAXY MEGA is not only an ideal medium for photo viewing but also a versatile camera. With the Sound & Shot function, 9 seconds of sound will be captured for every shot you take. So you'll be able to vividly relive those moments and sentiments. Fancy having your life stories well told? You can count on the Story Album function which automatically organizes your photos in a variety of themes and layouts.
Making your carefree mobile journey last.
Standing behind the unprecedented mobile intelligence of GALAXY MEGA is its long-lasting capacity. Powered by a 3200mAh high-capacity battery, you will enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment experience and extended productivity on the road. See more of your mobile world while enjoying total peace of mind!
ChatON – free social networking app
ChatON supports chatting across mobile platforms and via the web version of the app. With one single account, all of your mobile devices, computers and phone numbers are connected with ease. By sharing the same buddy list and chat list across multiple platforms and devices, your chats are synchronized at all times.
Blow your buddies away with messages that are uniquely yours! Unleash your inner artist and retouch the pictures with graffiti and lovely stamps.
Words and static icons aren’t enough to express your mood at the moment? ChatON offers a large collection of fun anicons and chatroom backgrounds for free downloading, letting you share exactly what you’re feeling.
Group Chat
A chatroom in ChatON can cater to up to 200 buddies who can freely invite new buddies to join the group chat. Wondering how many buddies haven’t read your messages? No sweat. ChatON indicates the number for you in real time. All in all, it is such a handy function for organizing parties and gatherings.
Sign into the web version at now and sync with ChatON on your smart phone!
clickplay redefining movie-on-demand
Here comes clickplay, a cross-platform streaming service allowing you to watch movies on your mobile devices, computers or Smart TVs. To enjoy HD/SD Hollywood hits, educational shows for kids and many more, all you need is a single sign-on account of clickplay.
Exclusive Offers – only at Samsung Apps
• Upon first-time registration, receive 30 points to watch any movies of your choice.
• Upon first-time purchase of 100 points, receive an extra 100 points for free.
*Samsung Apps is preloaded on your GALAXY devices.
Simply sign in to download apps and enjoy offers right away.
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Extra Battery Kit
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