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The brand new Samsung GALAXY S4 is all beauty and perfection, inside out. Its intelligent features help bring us closer and capture those fun moments when we are together. Designed to simplify everyday tasks, it delivers a ground-breaking performance attuned to every aspect of our lifestyle. Live your life as you wish with this ultra-smart device.
7.9mm Slim Body
5” Full HD SUPER AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display
Perfection, inside and out
GALAXY S4 has a sleek, sophisticated look with a slim body of only 7.9 mm thick. It is designed with a Full HD SUPER AMOLED Full Touch Screen Display of brilliant, stunning images on the device’s 5-inch screen. Driven by an ultra-powerful quad-core processor, its performance is beyond comparison.
*4G LTE version is equipped with a quad-core processor; 3G version supports dual quad-core processor.
Share fun and
enjoyment instantly
Creating fun, innovative snapshots
GALAXY S4’s 13 mega-pixel rear camera offers unrivalled image quality, complete with an array of creative effects for your snapshots, thanks to its unique functions.
Gather your friends and share your favorite music with them. The Group Play function allows eight* GALAXY S4 smartphones to be connected wirelessly for sharing photos and documents and playing music together. Create a powerful sound system and keep the party going.
*Connect no more than eight GALAXY S4 devices for the best sound performance, though Group Play can support a connection of up to eleven such devices.
Dual Shot
Capture every special moment, with you, the photographer, in the picture as well. GALAXY S4’s Dual Shot takes pictures with both its front and rear cameras simultaneously, so that the images in front and behind can be captured together alongside a myriad of photography effects. From now, every smiling face will show up on the snapshots you take.
Sound & Shot
Express your feelings through the photos you send and put in the sound effects too. GALAXY S4’s Sound & Shot lets you record up to nine seconds of audio with a still image. It adds another layer of excitement to help you relive and share every moment of each picture much more vividly.
Drama Shot
Can an ordinary still photo capture motion? Definitely, if taken with GALAXY S4’s Drama Shot, which identifies moving objects and gets a sequence of photos in a collage to tell an entire story, effortlessly, professionally and with a touch of drama.
Eraser Mode
When a busy, overcrowded backdrop threatens to mar the snapshot you take, let GALAXY S4 come to the rescue. With a swipe of the finger, you can delete unwanted objects or people for a picture-perfect photo.
Story Album
GALAXY S4’s Story Album feature lets you organize your photos based on specific events or travel experiences. Choose a theme and layout, then see the story you tell come alive on a smart, exquisite album. You can also print the photos and hold the memories in your hand forever.
Live the easy life
With so many nitty-gritty chores coming your way daily, GALAXY S4 is a personal assistant you can’t do without. Its full suite of smart technology helps you save time, raise productivity and focus on your goals.
Motion your hand over the screen, without having to touch it, to control your GALAXY S4. Air View also allows you to accept calls, surf the web and browse photos. With just a finger hovering over the screen, you can now preview photos and emails and speed dial.
GALAXY S4 understands your every tiny gesture. When you look away, whatever videos* you are watching will pause and only resumes when your vision returns to the screen, making sure you do not miss out on any content.
*Supports native media player and YouTubeTM.
Anytime and anywhere, you can sync your smartphone content such as photos, videos, movies of 1TB storage
capacity. You can even stream content into your television set for viewing.
No more barriers
Language is no longer a communication barrier with GALAXY S4’s S Translator, which supports nine major languages*. Say or text what you need and it’ll read or text back the translation. It lets you communicate what you think and is a handy companion to bring along when you travel.
*Supports only certain languages but not Cantonese translation currently. Data services are required. Additional terms and conditions as well as charges may apply. Performance of this feature may be affected by the surroundings.
Worry-free health and lifestyle
S Health tracks your daily dietary intakes, workouts and weight levels. It’ll also get the current status of your surroundings
and shows your comfort level, based on temperature and humidity. Using this feature with the special accessories* can help you maintain an impressive body figure as part of a worry-free healthy lifestyle.
*Regular updates of the latest versions and downloading of third-party applications may be necessary, depending on the user’s geographical territory.
Unlimited entertainment for your enjoyment
Games, books, learning and movies……everything you love is now in GALAXY S4! Samsung Hub provides a galore of entertainment in a magazine layout, for you to browse and shop anytime.
Connect GALAXY S4 with your TV and it’ll suggest different programmes based on your personal preferences. You can also use GALAXY S4 to remotely control your TV, surf channels or even adjust its setting.
Flip Cover
S View Cover
S Charging Pad & Cover
Extra Battery Kit
HDTV Adapter
HRM Band
Exclusive Offer of SOLITON S Music Service
14-day free trial, plus an additional one-month free usage upon purchase
SOLITON S has been preloaded onto your GALAXY S4, giving you access to 1.5 million Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean pop hits and keeping you up to date with the latest albums and your personalized music list. Newly-added Widget functions and search categories will facilitate easy search for the latest plugs, newest albums, music billboards, different music genres as well as lifestyle and festive songs with just a single touch.
ChatON –
free social networking app
Experience the all-new robust functions of ChatON on your GALAXY S4 first! Simply log onto the web and you can carry out video and voice chats, one on one or with several friends. Video chat supports the “Cartoon View” mode, where you could add animated emoticons and symbols onto your face, for a diversified and fun chat experience.
ChatON offers a large collection of anicons and chat room backgrounds for free downloading, which let you express your moods at the moment vividly.
Enter your Samsung Account and start enjoying ChatON on a webpage simultaneously!
All-new interface and Widget functions
Samsung Apps is now updated with a new appearance and debuting on GALAXY S4, to provide a faster, smoother browsing experience. Serving as a one-stop store, it allows you to download unique Samsung apps and other commonly used applications as well as enjoy more discounts and exclusive discounts. The newly-added Widget functions will also keep you updated on the latest recommendations.
Exclusive applications and dining offers
Download ALLMAG S to access a large amount of Chinese magazines and comics, including “East Week”, “PC Market” and “Crayon Shin-chan”. Exclusive dining discounts and rebates are also yours to enjoy when you download the uEatiPay App.
Tango Adventure
Enjoy this instantly addictive game where the lion king Tango vows to get back the delicious meals stolen from him.
B.Duck Camera
Strike a pose with the adorable B. Duck for a snapshot! Several B. Duck stamps and photo frames are also available for you to exercise your creativity.
Checkout this retro calendar with ready information to offer on the lunar calendar, solar terms, weather and weather forecasts.
Taste Hong Kong
This app is packed with information on hundreds of eating, drinking and entertainment venues, along with the attractions from the various districts in Hong Kong.
Samsung Apps is already preloaded onto your smartphone. Sign in and download selected applications right now.

Methods to use if 4G network connection through Note3 TD-LTE (N9007) or S4 TD-LTE (i9507) is not supported in China*
As the 4G network is currently still under development in China, it is possible that the 4G signal strengths may be too weak or that the 4G network coverage may be non-existent there. As such, network connection by Note3 TD-LTE (N9007) or S4 TD-LTE (i9507) may be switched to a 2G network, to enable users maintain their mobile connections. If users are unable to connect to the 4G network through N9007 or i9507, they can attempt the following methods:
Method 1: Switch off smartphone, then restart to renew its search for 4G network
Method 2: Manually search for 4 G network (Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Network operators)
*In Hong Kong, the 4 G network operates in FDD-LTE and TD-LTE modes while in China, the 4 G network operates only in the TD-LTE mode. It may be necessary to adapt to the local network as well as the related information and data services.